Fulton SWCD Selling Bird Houses For Spring

Wauseon, OH, March 10, 2014: Spring will soon be here, so you should check and clean your wildlife houses. It is extremely important to clean out any nest debris left over from last year’s residents. Birds like to start new each year and rebuild their nests. Now is the time of year to install new houses for the birds returning from the South. New houses should be mounted by the middle of March so that any early arrivals will have your houses to choose from.

The Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District is offering for sale fully assembled houses for blue birds, house wrens, wood ducks, squirrels, bats, and more. These houses are sold at a low cost to promote wildlife in our county and to provide natural insect control. Birds and bats are a natural alternative to spraying chemicals. The houses are available in a variety of styles and types of wood. They are designed for easy cleaning after the nesting season is over. Included with each house is a set of instructions detailing the mounting and the care of each one. If you are a carpenter and would like to build your own wildlife nest box or feeder, we offer the building plans to these wildlife houses and feeders free of charge.

Also available for sale is a variety of bird, bat, and squirrel feeders. The bird feeders are made of high quality cedar with flip-up lids for easy cleaning. Colorful booklets describing specific birds, bats, and butterflies are also for sale.

Stop in at the Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District at 8770 State Route 108, Suite B, Wauseon, across from the fairgrounds, to see all of these items on display. You can also see what the Fulton SWCD has to offer for sale at their website at swcd.fultoncountyoh.com. Click on the link “District Services” and “Items for Sale”.

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