“FUMY” Helping The Fayette Area Through Local Mission


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The youth group at Fayette United Methodist Church in Fayette, Ohio is led by Youth Leader, Aaron Hylander.

This group of young people is made up of kids from the seventh through twelfth grades. There are around 40 active participants at the present time.

They meet twice each month on Wednesday evenings for learning and fellowship with one another.

Their local mission is called “The Youth Invasion Experience” in which they go around Fayette and help neighbors throughout the village.

FUMY also goes to hockey games, baseball games, and participate in many other activities together throughout the year.

One of the biggest events on the calendar each year is traveling to Marysville, Ohio to participate in an annual mission trip.

Future plans are to continue to do the same programs as in the past and whenever new exciting opportunities come up, they will eagerly jump in and be an active part of them.

This group truly enjoys learning about God and spending time with Christian friends as they grow and learn together.

Fayette United Methodist Church has also started a pre-teen group “F122Kids” for fourth through sixth grade and it presently has ten members participating. Everyone is eager to see this group mature and grow.

It is very apparent that Reverend Andrea Cheeseman is very excited about the youth’s participation and activities in her church. These young people are the future of Fayette United Methodist Church in Fayette!

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