Get The Buzz On Beneficial Insects, Pollinator Habitat Programs, & Integrated Pest Management

1238967_510525325691455_306623646_n_thumb8Do you grow vegetables? Want to learn more about good bugs, bad bugs and management of the insects in your crops?

Join the Fulton County Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ohio State University Extension, and Farm Service Agency for an interactive field day 1:00 pm August 6th at Kinsman Farms. Learn about the operations of the farm, a transition from conventional to organic production for specialty crop production, and learn a variety of different management approaches for both the organic producer and conventional producer as Ohio State University Associate Professor and Extension Specialist with a Ph.D. in Entomology joins us in the field to examine and discuss the different types of insects in the field, discusses beneficial and harmful insects and talks about a wide variety of management options both for organic and conventional vegetable crop growers.

This training will include discussion of types of plants that can be incorporated as a part of a habitat to draw beneficial insects that help pollinate fruits and vegetables and/or help provide biocontrol of insect pests that are harmful to your crops. Every grower has their own system of management. A discussion of integrated pest management will help growers learn more about different combinations and integrations of a variety of management techniques that can be used to manage specialty crops. Producers can use the information to meet their unique farming styles and operations.

Growers will also learn about agencies that are available to assist them to address questions and concerns, that can assist in developing a plan tailored to their specific operations, and learn of other programs and services that may be available.
The field day will be at the following address: 5328 County Road 22; Archbold, OH 43502 (County Road 22 between State Route 2 and County Road F, east side).

Individuals who need special accommodations to attend this meeting are to contact Chris Coulon at 614-255-2471 or by e-mail at by July 25th, 2014.

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