Getting To Know Montpelier’s Radio Personality Jim Barron

Jim Barron 2 (WEB)Jim Barron was born in Montpelier, Ohio and still visits the area from time to time. Jim may be a familiar voice in the mornings to those who listen to WBCL out of Fort Wayne, IN. He loves working in radio and he and his fellow morning crew members, Phil Reaser and Larry Bower, were recently awarded the Spectrum Award by the Indiana Association of Broadcasters for “Best Morning Show in Indiana.” This is the third time they have won the award since 2005. Jim attended Vincennes University and received his degree in Broadcast Communications in 1981. A few of his other radio credits include stints at WOWO Radio and WAJI.

Jim said he has “been interested in magic since I was about 10 years old and my influences in that area were Doug Henning, Mark Wilson and Harry Blackstone Jr.” He would perform a lot for his classmates at school. Jim remembers, “There weren’t as many outlets for learning magic back then as there are today so I read and re-read every book on magic in the school library. After I’d read all those, I visited the library in Edon, Ohio which was just across the state line from my home in Alvarado and read all theirs too.” His biggest highlight was “when Harry Blackstone was in the audience when I was performing for my peers and he told me how much he enjoyed my performance. I’m also a big fan of David Copperfield.” Unusual and notable performances by Mr. Barron include escaping from a regulation straight jacket before nine thousand people during halftime at the first Ft. Wayne Freedom football game. He also successfully predicted the final score of a Ft. Wayne Wizards baseball game before a record, sold out crowd.

These days Jim spend a great deal of his performing time at churches, festivals and doing fundraising shows for schools and churches. He also does a fair amount of performing for corporations. Jim has been married to his adorable wife, Kathie, for twenty years. They have four grown children and he currently resides in Indiana.

Anyone can check out Jim and his upcoming shows or schedule an event though his website at

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