Gillespie Appeals Murder Conviction Of Montpelier Graduate To Ohio Supreme Court


Bradley Gillespie, 44, the man convicted of the murders of former Montpelier Graduate Hannah Fisher and her boyfriend, Frank Tracey Jr., has appealed the conviction all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Gillespie appealed the October 2016 conviction of the Paulding Count Court of Common Pleas to the Ohio Third District Court almost immediately following the verdict. The Ohio Third District Court of Appeals overruled that original appeal in July. The second appeal, this time to the Ohio Supreme Court, was filed on August 23 by Gillespie’s attorney, Timothy Holtsberry. The appeal cites violation of Gillespie’s rights in two manners including sufficiency of evidence and Gillespie’s request for substitute council and to defend himself.

In overruling the initial appeal, the Ohio Third District Court noted their findings that the state provided limited evidence connecting Gillespie to the murder scene and did provide a link between Gillespie and the handgun used in the offense. They also noted that the state introduced statements made by Gillespie, through various witnesses, that linked him to both murders.

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