Harry Hooyenga Shares Efforts Of Elliminating Polio With The Stryker Rotary

DSCF4336 WEBHarry Hooyenga visited the Stryker Rotary club giving greetings from district 6600. He also presented a program on Rotary efforts to eliminate Polio. In 1985 when Rotary took on this project there were 1,000 new cases of polio reported each and every day around the world. This year 250 cases have been reported for the entire year to date. The task is close to being complete but some areas of the world are more difficult to work. The original goal was very lofty; to totally eradicate the disease in 20 years. Many skeptics said it was impossible, and while much progress was made in the first twenty years the goal was not met. Rotary did not abandon the idea and continues the fight. Polio is preventable with immunization that can be administered at a very low cost. Today the largest obstacle to providing the immunization is in Pakistan. Many recent cases of polio reported outside of Pakistan can be traced back to Pakistan. Harry told of the most recent efforts to gain financial support as well as volunteers to assist with administering the drugs in other countries. District 6600 raised enough money in 2013 to immunize 750,000 children and is asking that all clubs pledge at least $1,000 toward the effort this year. This would equate to $25 for each Rotarian. Harry, pictured on the right, spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotary member Pastor Dane Meuschke.

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