Hilltop Elementary Invites Families Out For Math & Literacy Night

IMG_6754 WEBHilltop Elementary in West Unity hosted their inaugural Family Math and Literacy Night on Thursday, March 3rd for third grade students and their family. Rhonda VanArsdalen and Kim Goosman, third grade teachers, coordinated the event. The evening started with a short presentation from Principal, Laurie Worline, who spoke on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. The students then shared some of their classroom learning activities with their families, with students acting as teachers and parents assuming the role of the student. Parents found out that their sentences were not “third grade sentences” because they left off punctuation, didn’t have enough words or lacked capital letters. Their child also gave them a lesson on the commutative, associative and distributive properties of multiplication, just to name a few. The students loved acting as the teacher and were begging to hold this evening again soon!

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