Hilltop High School Announces GPA Students For The End Of The 2014-15 School Year

IMG_0090.JPGThe following Hilltop High School students have achieved a high grade point average at the end of the school year:

9th Grade – 3.30 – 3.64
Chase Williams, Kara Brown, Molly Roesch, Andrew Denton, Teryn Ganster

9th Grade – 3.65 – 3.99
Aubrey Wyse, Chase Masters, Ethan Schoonover, Tyler Suboski, Johnnie Roth, Benjamin Routhier

9th Grade – 4.0
Austin Schaffner, Joel Sauber, Landrey Brown

10th Grade – 3.30 – 3.64
Tim Manveal, Logan Fleming, Kamry Gray, Felicity Jackson, Leah Carothers, Sage Repp

10th Grade – 3.65 – 3.99
Marisa Yates, Makalie Swisher, Quinn Smith, Shelby Kuney, Sydni Rivera

10th Grade – 4.0
Colleen Bell, Ariana Brown, Kathariena Foster, Abigail Schaper

11th Grade – 3.30 – 3.64
Levi Grant, Isaac VanArsdalen, Victoria Masters, Layni Allport, Samantha Hanover, Kaylista Underwood, Cierra Grant, Andrew White, Jennifer Westrick

11th Grade – 3.65 – 3.99
Josiah Law, Mikayla Eberly, Macey Kunkle, Joseph Shilling, Madeline McKinney, Haleigh Westfall, Lauren Garrett, Jenna Kempf, Veronica Roth, Marlee Carroll, Danny Ackley, Jared Morris, Kristina Eitniear, Bailey Funkhouser, Kenley Brown

11th Grade – 4.0
Baylee Schmitt, Malorie Heer, Olivia Fish, Karissa Crisenbery

12th Grade – 3.30 – 3.64
Adreyn Yates, Hannah Carothers, David Smith, Jalen Towers, Lacy Brenneman
Samantha Burdine, Cody Zuver, Jessica Suboski, Andrea Zavala

12th Grade – 3.65 – 3.99
Autumn Jermeay, Justin Ashenfelter, Shayla Coffman

12th Grade – 4.0
Eric Stipe, Bryant Miller, Destiny Denton


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