Hilltop Make Up Days Scheduled For Remainder Of School Year

The hope is that this wild winter is behind us and we can move on to spring. Since the State has now provided direction for make-up days, a plan is now in place to make up the days that are required by law. An immense amount of time has been spent on this matter and all options have been looked at, but there is just no clear cut answer than will please and satisfy all. The plan that has been decided upon is believed to be the most fair for all involved.

Starting Monday, March 31st through Friday, May 30th, school will start 15 minutes early, at 7:45 am and dismiss 15 minutes later at 3:15 pm. Holidays such as Good Friday and Memorial Day will still be honored. Thursday, April 17th and Wednesday, May 14th are scheduled 2 hour delay days for Professional Development training. On these two days, school will start at the normal 10:00 time but dismiss at 3:15.

Even doing this, however, there will still be days to be made up at the end of the year. The number of days will be reduced, but the exact number will not be known until the end of the school year. Moving into spring also brings the reality of fog delays and possible cancellations. Action will be taken as necessary.

For families of a Senior, graduation will remain and not be changed from Sunday, June 1st. The only change make be when they will be taking their final exams and when they are dismissed from school. Again, that will be addressed later when there is a clearer picture of what is going on and taking place with the schedule being implemented.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Superintendent Larry E. Long at 419-924-2365 ext. 2322 or llong@hilltopcadets.org.

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