Hilltop School Board Organizes For Coming 2015-16 School Cycle

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As the Millcreek-West Unity Board of Education met for their monthly regular meeting on a muggy June evening, it was with the explicit purpose of allocating their funds and employments in preparation of the 2015-16 school year. An overwhelming majority of the decisions approved over the course of the session were geared toward that very goal.

A five year agreement with the North West Ohio Computer Association (NWOCA) was approved by the board. Said agreement allows for the school use of virtual servers hosted by the NWOCA, as part of a technical services contract between the two parties. A fee of $2,166.05 will be paid to the computer-oriented organization, as well as membership fees totaling $30,185.91, though it’s likely most of those monies will be covered through state grants.

Toledo-base insurance agency Hylant Administrative Services saw their proposal accepted by board members. The business will handle Liability, Violence, Automobile, and Property insurance for Hilltop. Costs for these services amount to $22,618.

Several agreements between the school and Williams County entities were also met with approval. Nursing services through the county’s Health Department were procured at $18,195.80. Usage of the Juvenile Court for Attendance Officer Services totaled $1,630.60. The Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention Training and Rehabilitation Center will be used by the school for educational services at a rate of $38 a student per day. This agreement was put into effect on July 1, and will last until June 30 of next year.

The resignation of Tom Schaper from the position of Yearbook Advisor was received and accepted by board members. That role will be filled by incoming Science teacher Marion Allen. Brittany Meyer and Kimberly Goosman were hired in as second and third grade teachers, respectively, as well. The position of Elementary Intervention Specialist will be taken on by Wendy Hogrefe, while retired teacher Lisa Dobbelaere will be rehired to teach fifth and sixth grade science courses.

The board concluded the meeting without entering into Executive Session.

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