Holiday City Council Discussed Problematic Language In Ordiance

Members of the Holiday City Village Council convened for their regular meeting at 7:00 PM on August 21 with all members present.  Immediately following the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, council opened discussion asking for clarification on the language of Ordinance 2014-3, which approves the State to resurface a portion of State Route 15.  The ordinance states that the Village agrees to pay for the maintenance of the road under the Village’s jurisdiction.

The use of the word “jurisdiction” is causing some confusion because, while the Village has jurisdiction over the area the road goes through in every other way, they do not have jurisdiction over the road in terms of maintenance, change of speed limits, or other matters generally controlled by the State.  Legal Counsel David Zoll of Zoll, Kranz, and Borgess explained that he believes that this is the “jurisdiction” that is being referred to and that the Village would have no obligations to pay for any portion of the work done by the state.  He did agree, however, that the use of the word “jurisdiction” is problematic and will be checking into the language prior to the next meeting.

Other legislative matters brought before council included Ordinance 2014-1B and Resolution R-2014-8.  Ordinance 2014-1B is a revisal of Annual Appropriations necessary due to a change in electric rates, which had been higher than anticipated at the beginning of the year due to the inclement weather of the past winter.  It was noted that the electric rates are coming back down and the ordinance was passed under emergency language.  Resolution R- 2014-8 certifies the amounts and rates to the county auditor.  Passing of the resolution is a standard housekeeping measure.

In his report to council, Village Administrator Gary Baker informed council that

~the siren has been repaired and is now working;

~ he had a meeting at the County Building on the ALERT86 security system.  It should be noted that, despite having been otherwise reported, that the system is not yet in operation but should be soon;

~he has contacted the clock company about repairs or replacement and that they will be arriving soon to do the necessary repairs.

Council also approved Mayor Shawn Clark permission to attend the Mayor’s meetings and to pay relevant dues again this year.

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