Holiday City Council Discusses Many Happenings At April Meeting

Council member Denny Hutchison returned to the area for his first council meeting of the year and was sworn in, but the absence of Kristie and Ron Keil, Jr. meant that there were not enough council members present to vote on any ordinances or resolutions. Council members were, however, able to approve the minutes from the March 20, 2014, meeting and pay the bills for that month.

Council heard Ordinance 2014-2 in its first reading. This ordinance concerns an extension of an electrical line from the edge of the village out another 970 feet. This is being planned so that area resident Lee Dick can build a home beyond village limits. The village would pay for the first 200 foot and a transformer, with the remainder paid by the homeowner. The utility committee had met and discussed a cost of the project, and which costs would be paid by the village, and which costs would be the homeowner’s responsibility. They also developed a formula for any additional customers who would want to connect to the line, so that the homeowner could be reimbursed by whoever connects to the portion of the line that he would be funding. This would be within a time frame of the first 20 years after completion. The homeowner would like an underground line to be installed from across the road to the home he plans to build, and this would also be at a cost to the homeowner, who plans to hire his own borers for the project.

The council members also heard the first reading of Resolution R-2014-5, a resolution supporting State Issue 1, urging Ohio voters to vote in favor of the renewal of the state’s capital Improvements program. This program funds infrastructure grants which have benefitted Holiday City and many other municipalities in the area with road repairs, water and sewer projects and many others that improve the infrastructure of a town. The renewal would not increase any taxes. Although the resolution will not be able to be passed before the election, council and the village of Holiday City wanted to show their support.

Clerk-Treasurer Lauri TenEyck-Rupp reported that during the month of March, deposits totaled $772,653.82; expenses came to $701,475.68; leaving a balance of $2,395,401.12. The total investment balance came to $172,833.12.
In his Mayor’s report, Shawn Clark noted that tiling work was being done right across the street from the Visitor’s Center, and that since they were already in the vicinity, the village could have them come across to do needed tiling work at a cost of $6073.86. Council approved the work.

In old business, Administrator Gary Baker said that the old siren was again not working, and they are trying to find out why. He believes that the harsh winter had something to do with the new issues with the siren. The new siren near Menards is working well. They are requesting that Gateway Tank come and make repairs to the water tower now that the weather has improved. Also, Baker reported that Dave Custar had been hired to mow the lawn this season.

Council went into executive session to discuss pending litigation, but no action was taken, and the meeting was adjourned. The next session of the Holiday City council will be held on the third Thursday in May at 7:00 p.m.

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