Holiday City Council To Have Clock Repaired Again

The clock atop the Holiday City administrative building is malfunctioning again.

Already taking care of this issue last month, the clock is now running slowly and keeping poor time.  At this point, it’s unclear if the $800 put into the machine at that point will simply cover any new expenses.

Mayor Shawn Clark announced to the council that he had been looked at by a legal team put together by the Ohio Turnpike.  This legal council had to determine whether or not Clark had a conflict of interest, as he’s not only the mayor of Holiday City, but a maintenance worker for the Turnpike as well.  He was found to have no such conflict.

A then and now purchase order was used to pay the city’s electric bill for September.  This is because an appropriations increase approved at last month’s meeting had lead to the money being available in the middle of the month.

The council will pay Doug Siegel $2,500 to clean the ditches of Holiday City.  This cleaning will take place on Sunday, September 28.

Holiday City employees may be getting a raise in the near future.  Clark encouraged the board to consider such an idea, possibly to be approved at next month’s board meeting.

“It’s time that we maybe should start thinking about it now.”  Clark urged.

The board then adjourned the meeting, and did not go into Executive Session.

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