Holiday City Council Votes To Increase Liability On Insurance

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After some discussion, members of the Holiday City Village Council voted to increase the amount of liability on the insurance plan, held by VS Beck Insurance, that covers the village. While early discussion indicated that most of council felt no need to increase the liability of the insurance plan due to feeling the plan probably carried enough liability, investigation into the plan showed otherwise. The plan originally covered the village for $1 million in liability with a $3 million aggregate.

While it is highly unlikely that the village would ever be held accountable for more than those sums, council agreed that the liability on the original plan was not as high as they had originally thought. An additional $1 million in liability was available for purchase for approximately $1100 more in premium. As they are also receiving a credit of approximately $1500 on the insurance premium, council voted unanimously to go ahead and purchase the additional liability. The total premium for the insurance will be close to $12,000 per year.

Ordinance 2015-1, the annual appropriations for the village, also passed on its third and final reading.

The clerk and treasurer’s report was given by Kristie Keil due to the absence of Clerk/Treasurer Lauri TenEyck-Rupp. The report indicated a remaining balance of $2,691,981.25 and an investment balance of $172,898.66.

In his report, Mayor Shawn Clark announced that he was appointing Administrator Gary Baker as well as Shawn Rupp to the Tax Incentive Review Council which meets with WEDCO annually to review all tax incentive requirements held by the various industries in the village.

Gary Baker, the Village Administrator, also gave his report, which included that:

The annual WEDCO meeting and luncheon will be held on March 26 at 11:30 AM
The siren continues to be working
An offer to purchase peak power from AMP was turned down. While the village does purchase power from AMP, it was decided that the peak power offer was not a good fit for the village’s needs.

In new business, Clark mentioned the ice melting off of the roof tends to create problems in front of the west door of the Village Hall. There were times over the past two years that the door could not be opened after such a melt off. The building of some type of portico or cupola that would lead the melt off away from the door, while still maintaining the building’s aesthetics, was suggested. The issue will be discussed with various contractors to help in deciding what the best solution might be.

Council entered into executive session with no action to be taken. The next meeting of the Holiday City Village Council will be held on April 16 at 7:00.

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