Holiday City Council Welcomes New Mayor, Council Member at January Meeting

The Village of Holiday City welcomed new council member Robert Day at their first meeting of 2014, and Shawn Clark, who had served as Acting-Mayor, officially became the mayor following his oath of office. Council members Pam Clark and Kristie Keil were sworn in along with Robert Day, the newest council member. Council member Dennis Hutchison would have taken his oath of office, but was unable to attend the meeting. Pam Clark was selected as Council President. Council set monthly meetings for the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Visitor’s Bureau.

Committee members were selected for the following:

Audit Committee – Pamela Day, Pam Clark, and Shawn Clark

Utilities Committee – Ron Keil, Jr., Kristie Keil, and Robert Day

Records Retention Committee – Sean Rupp (citizen representative), Mayor Shawn Clark, Fiscal Officer Lauri TenEyck-Rupp, and Village Solicitor Michelle Cranz.

The minutes of the December 19, 2013, meeting was approved, and council approved Ordinance2014-1. This ordinance makes appropriations for Current Expenses and other Expenditures of the Village of Holiday City, State of Ohio, during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2014. Temporary appropriations had been decided before the end of 2013, with this ordinance setting the final figures. Appropriations are as follows:

General Fund: Salaries- $77,000.00; Benefits-$13,180.00; Other General Fund-$779,820.00; for a Grand Total General Fund Appropriation of $870,000.00.

Special Revenue Funds: Street Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Fund-$7000.00; State Highway Fund-$1300.00; Motor Vehicle License Tax Fund-$900.00; for a Grand Total Special Revenue Fund Appropriation of $9200.00.

Debt Service Fund: $126,410.92.

Capital Projects Fund: $0.

Enterprise Fund: Electric Fund-$6,000,000.00; Electric Deposits Fund-$0; Grand Total Enterprise Fund-$6,000,000.00.

The Total for All Appropriations: $7,005,610.92

Three resolutions were approved following delaration of an emergency, and one resolution was heard in its first reading.

Resolution 2014-1 was approved for Blanket Certificates  termination date, to expire at the end of the year.

Resolution 2014-2, was approved for transfers of $41,975.08 from the General Fund to the Debt Service Fund.

Resolution 2014-3 was heard in its first reading, addressing water/sewer line Debt fees to the Village of Montpelier.

Resolution 2014-4 was approved for Then and Now Purchase Orders 45-2013 and 14-2014.

In her Treasurer’s report, Lauri TenEyck-Rupp reported that that in the month ending December 31, 2013, Deposits totaled $611,148.24; Expenses totaled $639,418.00; and there was a Balance of $2,452,787.56. The total Investment Balance was $172,826,08. She reported that the Year End Report was completed. Council voted to pay the bills for the month of December 2013. TenEyck-Rupp asked for approval to attend five conferences during the 2014 year, and council approved her request. She will earn educational hours required for municipal clerk/treasurers as well as learning valuable information.

In legal news, Village Solicitor Michelle Cranz confirmed that Menards would need to purchase their electrical power from the Village of Holiday City per an ordinance.  In Visitor’s Bureau news, Kellie Gray and Lauri TenEyck-Rupp are working on a Wine Festival to be held at the Ramada Inn, tentatively scheduled for May 10. The event could include area fine art vendors and authors, and there may be wine and food pairings offered. The project is in its beginning stages. Proceeds from the event will go to a local charity to benefit veterans.

In his Administrator’s report, Gary Baker discussed the sale of the village’s Renewable Energy Credits, or REC’s. These are certificates that the village receives, equal to one megawatt hour, and are a tradable commodity. The village does not gain any money by simply possessing the certificates as they are not an energy producer, but can sell the REC’s. Council voted to sell their REC’s. AMP-Ohio would handle the transaction.

With no further business to discuss, council adjourned the meeting. The next meeting of the Holiday City Village Council will be held on February 20, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.

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