Holiday City Discusses Increased Electrical Needs at Council Meeting

The Holiday City council discussed increased power usage at its February 20, 2014, meeting. The Administrator Gary Baker said that the village has used 4 megawatt of power this past month, and that it had been averaging about 2.2 megawatts until recently. The village anticipates that when the Menard’s addition that is being constructed is completed, it will push usage even higher, and closer to the maximum capacity. The council has previously discussed adding another power substation.

In other council business, Ordinance 2014-1, an Ordinance concerning the 2014 Annual Appropriations, was heard in its second reading. Resolution R-2014-3 addressing the water and sewer line debt fees to the Village of Montpelier was heard in its second reading.

Lauri TenEyck Rupp gave her Clerk/Treasurer’s report. For the month ending January 31, 2014, there was $548,850.91; expenditures of $568,195.25; leaving a remaining balance of $2,260,842.15. The total investment balance is $172,828.18. Rupp told the council that the Ohio Municipal League will be holding a training session for new council members, if they should wish to participate. AMP-Ohio has a form for a survey of elected officials available online.

In his report, Mayor Shawn Clark said that this has been a quiet month, but that he and Administrator Gary Baker have been working on smaller village matters. For the Visitor’s Bureau report, Rupp said that the date for the Wine and Art Festival that is being planned has been changed to May 17. The event will be held at the Ramada Inn with more details to be revealed when they are formulated.

Administrator Gary Baker said that the annual WEDCO meeting is scheduled for March 27 at noon at the Veterans Memorial Building at the fairground. Reservations are required, and the cost of the event is $25 per person. Baker has met with Mike Milgore from AMP-Ohio about Part A service fees and their calculation, in order to more accurately reflect the costs.

Baker said that it was not known if the storm siren was working properly, but he noted that snow had gathered in the siren, and he did not know if it affected its operation. He will have it checked as soon as it is accessible.

The village office had been contacted by Lee Dick who is interested in building a house west of town. There is no power line to service the proposed home. It is outside of village limits, and if the town’s electric line was extended, it would require an additional 770 feet. Baker agreed to research the cost of extending the line. He feels that the customer should cover the cost of an extension of the line. Council approved a motion to allow Baker to make an inquiry into costs. The village does supply power to some customers outside the village limits at a fifty-percent upcharge.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned. The Holiday City Council meets every third Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the Visitor’s Bureau.

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