Holiday City Has Short Agenda For Council


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There were no resolutions or ordinances on the agenda for this week’s Holiday City Council meeting on Thursday, May 16, but there was a lovely new shelter house completed for newly purchased picnic tables adjacent to the Holiday City Visitor’s Bureau.

Clerk/treasurer Laui TenEyck-Rupp read the financial reports for the end of April. Deposits totaled $576,558.24, and expenditures added up to $511,581.72, with a balance of $2,402,817.57 in the account. A motion to pay all bills for the month were passed, which included $3,227.50 for the picnic tables and trash can, plus shipping, from Belson Outdoors. There is also a Pet Station and it will soon be installed near the end of the driveway.

With the purchase of the tables, the shelter house is complete. Council thanked Dennie Hutchison and his helpers for assembling the tables. There is also a Pet Station and it will soon be installed near the end of the driveway.

In other business, it was noted that the storm siren has been worked on, and residents have been able to hear the siren clearly. AMP-Ohio had sent a letter to council requesting that the town pay half the bill for a circuit study for Chase Brass. The factory will pay the other half.

In the absence of Village Administrator Gary Baker, who is recovering from a recent surgery, Ron Keil said that he will check with Norfolk and Southern Railroad about their right-of-way concerning a ditch that needs cleaned in the vicinity. He will also contact the state about cleaning a pipe that runs under the road, connecting ditches. It was also noted that a culvert on County Road M is clogged and needs to be maintained.

Acting Mayor Shaw Clark said that he had received good reviews on the hotels in Holiday City following the recent Walker Day’s event in Montpelier. They have contracted for two more years of events. Kellie Gray of the Visitor’s Bureau is working on planning day trips for those wishing to do something in the area during future events.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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