Holiday City to Have New Storm Siren Near Menard’s

A new storm siren is scheduled to be installed in the vicinity of the water tower near Menard’s soon. The current siren, which is located on the grounds of the Holiday City Visitor’s Bureau, has been repaired, but it cannot be heard as far out as Menard’s. This new siren will give ample warning of impending storms and tornados for those in the factory and nearby homes.

The Holiday City Council shared this information at their Thursday, August 15, 2013, meeting. Council passed Resolution R-2013-4 in its third reading. The resolution is for accepting amounts and rates as determined by the County Budget Committee and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying said levies to the county auditor. This addresses an annual 1.6 millage that they receive every year. The resolution was voted upon and approved in its third and final reading.

The council also heard Resolution R-2013-5, addressing Then and Now purchase orders for the purchase of the storm siren near Menard’s, and for repairs to the current siren, which is now operational. This resolution was heard in its first reading. It had been read to suspend and pass the rules so that that action could be taken immediately, but due to the absence of council members Kristie and Ron Keil, Jr., it could not be voted upon.

Clerk Lauri TenEyck-Rupp read the financial report. The deposits for the month of July 2013 were $509,688.34; expenditures totaled $551,749.11, leaving a balance of $2,181,231.77. Total investments were$172,809.73. Among those expenditures was $14,997 for the new siren, plus there will be an additional cost of about $6500 for installation when complete. She also said that she would like to attend a clerk’s conference in September. This would serve as education toward her treasurer’s certification as well as for training. The cost would be $150.

A motion to pay the bills was approved.

Acting Mayor Shawn Clark said that he was in the Bean Days parade in Montpelier, and that he had received a good response to his participation.

Administrator Gary Baker said that the new siren and a tower to hold it will be installed around August 29, and 30. This will be installed inside the fence near the base of the water tower across from Menard’s. It will draw power from the power source board, and will be hooked up to the generator. This will not add a burden to the power board. Owen’s Electric will work on the project.

Baker said that he had visited the engineer’s office about ditch assessments. There will be a six-year review. The engineer’s office now has new software to show the flow, and areas of watershed. This means that liabilities have changed for some in Holiday City. Some are paying more, while others will be paying less.

He has also received load reports on electric usage from Menard’s. They will not need a substation as normal usage is within the mid-3-megawatts. The peak usage was just over 4-megawatts. A substation would not be needed unless megawatt usage exceeded 6-7 megawatts.

There was no need for an executive session. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for September 20, 2013, at 7:00 p.m.

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