Holiday City To Terminate Operation & Maintenance Agreement With Montpelier

Members of the Montpelier Village council convened in regular session on the evening of May 9, where Councilor Dan Clum of the Personnel and Safety Committee, reported that Holiday City is terminating their Operation and Maintenance Agreement with the Village of Montpelier effective September 1, 2016. Holiday City is planning on switching to First Energy.

Mayor Steve Yagelski commented on information received from Chief Dan McGee regarding a complaint of loud mufflers in the area of Fairview and Jefferson Street.

The police reported 203 minutes of specified enforcement that yielded only two traffic stops: one for a loud muffler, and another for a stop sign violation.

Supervisor of Administrative Services Kurt Roan gave a recap of the West Main Street reclamation project, noting that it was moving along smoothly.

Pastor Ben Harris invited the Mayor and Council to the 2016 Montpelier High School Baccalaureate on May 25, 2016 at 7:00pm

Village Manager Pam Lucas presented a signed retirement Agreement for Pat Oxender. Pat would like to retire on April 28, 2017 after 30 years of service to the Village.

Mrs. Lucas presented two proposals for the Waste Water Treatment Plant Comprehensive Plan for engineering services. The low bid was Poggemeyer Design Group in the amount of $10,900.00. Council approved the recommendation, and awarded the project to Poggemeyer Design Group.

The 2016 Fire Contracts for Jefferson Township and Superior Township were presented and approved.

Under suspended rules of reading, council approved four measures. Approved was Resolution 1135, transferring funds from the General Fund to Police Pension, and Resolution 1136, authorizing the Village Manager to enter into a contract for property and liability insurance for the Village of Montpelier. The total cost of the insurance with the increase in earthquake coverage to $5 million is $138,685.00. Also approved was Resolution 1137, authorizing the Deputy Manager to exercise the powers and duties of the Village Manager in their absence, as well as Resolution 1138, authorizing the Village Manager to participate in the ODOT Winter Contract for Road Salt. The village is looking to purchase 100 ton of road salt.

Director of Finance Kelly Hephner reported income tax collections as of the end of April at $922,939 as compared to $790,089 and $799,551 in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Mrs. Hephner also noted that because of the changes in income tax collection procedures, it appear we are up, but that is not a good representation of the figures. She announced that due to the State legislature passing the new HB5 income tax changes, that companies have a strict deadline for filing their withholding tax.

The penalty for not filing it on time is 50% of the tax due. She wanted it known this is a change instituted by the State through HB5 and not a change instituted through a local ordinance. Another change mandated by the state says that anyone who owes over $200 in taxes must file and pay a declaration of estimated taxes. If this is not done, there are significant penalties. Mrs. Hephner also noted that the State has put together a committee to discuss net operating loss, and it was interesting that not one income tax administrator was invited to sit on the committee.


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