Holiday City Village Council Discusses Water Tower Fund

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Can a fund allocated for one purpose be used for a different, albeit similar, one?

That was the question posited by the Holiday City Village Council at their November Regular meeting. The fund in question, the Water Tower Major Repair Fund, received a transfer of $100,000 from the village’s General Fund, a motion the council intends to enact every year.

Yet, council members wondered if these monies could be used for the purchase of a new water tower, should that option become cheaper than repairing the old one. Village Administrator Gary Baker informed those concerned that their relatively young water tower would not need replaced anytime soon.

“The life of a water tower should be at least fifty years.”

Still, for curiosity’s sake, the council sought an answer to the query anyway. According to legal counsel present at the meeting, the council is under no obligation to spend the questioned money in any particular way. It could be spent on road repair, if members so wanted. Placing the money in a particular fund is meant to show intention for budgeting purposes. If the council approves it, those funds could be used for any legal project for which they are needed.

With only ninety days to do so, the council used emergency powers to pass an update to their Solid Waste Management Plan. A shared plan for Williams, Fulton, Paulding, and Defiance Counties must be approved by a large number of municipalities under new Ohio law, lest the state be allowed to step in and formulate their own plan for the area. With time growing short, the council elected to take care of this issue immediately.

The council approved a Then and Now purchase in order to pay the village’s electric bill. Payment will be made to the American Municipal Power corporation. Due to the haste with which this need to be done, the council enacted emergency powers to forego a first, second, and third reading of the resloution.

Holiday City Mayor Shawn Clark attended a mayors meeting recently. There he heard a speaker discuss the new Alert86 system. It appears as though the village’s decision to adapt the system was a popular one among other municipalities.

“The numbers are very good on those who have signed up for it.”

Clark also announced that he had performed “a couple” of weddings since the council last met in October.

The Council concluded the meeting by entering into Executive Session to discuss the compensation of village employees. No action was expected.

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