Holiday City Village Council Hears Issues Of Security, Truck Traffic & Substation Performance

IMG_0090.JPGBy: Timothy Kays

Members of the Holiday City Village Council convened in a regular session meeting on the evening of May 21 at the Holiday City Village Hall.

Council heard from a representative of the Elgin Service Center on County Road N-65, Mr. Randy Cochran. Mr. Cochran addressed Council on the Menards truck traffic that is missing the turn onto Traxler Road, and instead turning onto N-65. “Basically, I just wanted to see if anything could be done about the Menards truck traffic,” he said. “I spoke to Ron Wright, who I believe is the site manager. He claimed he was going to get a few guys as far as getting some signs put up. I haven’t seen anything happen yet. Someone was nice enough to put some signs in my front year, and it seemed to help. My problem is that they’re constantly trying to turn into my drive to turn around. Half of them don’t know how to back up, so they just drive through the grass. Obviously, that creates a mess. I’ve gone to the extent of running a cable across our driveway to keep them out. I haven’t been able to get through to them, and the Township doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere.”

It was explained to Mr. Cochran that as his facility lies outside the village limits, the hands of Council were tied. It was also explained that the need for signage would best be served on Route 15, and being a state road, the village is not allowed by law to post signs on a state road, even if his business were within village limits. Council did offer to contact the state on behalf of Mr. Cochran to see if they could initiate some sort of action in the matter.

Mayor Shawn Clark reported on a May 4 meeting that he had with Williams County Sheriff, Steve Towns, referencing village security and entering into a contract with the Sheriff’s Office. This has been an ongoing debate as to whether the village would prefer to hire a Village Marshall, or have another entity provide state-certified security services. The numbers bandied about during the meeting put the cost of the contract at between $15,000 and $20,000 per year. Mayor Clark wants the wording of the contract to include an agreement for extra patrols in the village, should there be an event going on inside the village. Mayor Clark asked Village Administrator, Gary Baker, to contact the villages of Montpelier and West Unity to inquire if they would be interested in the same contract. West Unity has already declined, but there is some interest from Montpelier. The Mayor will report back at the next meeting on any progress in discussions.

Mr. Baker reported on a recent ‘perfect storm’ of events that resulted in a power outage due to a transformer failure at the substation that feeds Menards. “As we are not listed as a customer on Toledo Edison’s board, they did not notify anyone that they were coming out. What they did was to shut the substation down, and closed the loop over by West Unity that sent power to the customers that were coming out of that substation. When that happened, the voltage dropped at Menards so that it shut down some of their machines.” Almost immediately afterward, the phones were ringing everywhere with people inquiring about what was going on, but Mayor Clark was out of town, and Mr. Baker was in the hospital. This communication breakdown needs to be analyzed and addressed, Mr. Baker said, and noted that the current phone system has severe limits on emergency notifications such as what occurred at the substation. The new system would have the ability to chase down the proper personnel in emergencies, allowing for the gaps in the communication chain to be filled in.

In other business, Council approved the write-off of an uncollectable electricity bill of $493.95. Village Clerk, Lauri TenEyck-Rupp reported that the Village Office phone system is seriously out of date, and needs to be upgraded. She said that Stewart Rosendaul of S R Telephone Service has presented ideas for possible upgrades which are currently under review.

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