Holiday City Village Council Holds July Meeting: Addresses Housekeeping Fiscal Measures

DSC_4790 WEBHOLIDAY CITY: July 17, 2014 – The Holiday City Village Council held their monthly meeting on July 17, 2014, with Mayor Shawn Clark bringing down the gavel at 7;04 p.m. and calling the meeting to order. Present were Council Members Pam Clark, Pamela Day, Robert Day, Dennis Hutchison, Kristie Keil, with Ron Keil absent (excused).

As per custom, the council opened their monthly meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. The first item on the agenda was approval of meeting Minutes from the June 19 meeting, which was unanimously adapted. Item two on the agenda was the introduction of new ordinances, with no new items for July’s meeting.

Item three on the agenda was the introduction of Resolutions; the council approved the 2nd Reading of Resolution R – 2014 – 8, entitled “Budget & Rates, Authorizing Necessary tax Levy,” which was approved without modifications by the council on a unanimous vote.

Next up on the agenda were “Reports and Announcements.” In the Clerk/Treasurer Report, Treasurer Laurie Rupp briefed the members of the council on the financial status of the Village, along with a reading of this month’s expenditures and monthly bills. Requiring a motion to approve and second, the council voted unanimously to approve July’s expenditures. In the Mayor’s Report, Mayor Clark reported the Village received notification the pavement on SR 15 (referred to by the State as 20A) would be resurfaced next Spring from 20A to 107 running through the Village. There will be no cost to the Village for the project as it will be a ODOT project, but the Village may consider additional paving at a cost to the Village. The Council will address the issue at the August Council Meeting.

In the Administrator’s Report, Village Administrator Gary Baker reported the Village Siren still inoperable, but service on the device has been performed and repair is still underway. Administrator Baker reported he was also looking into a new replacement in case repair becomes unfeasible. Administrator Baker also announced the completion of the sidewalk replacement in front of the Village Office.

With no new business or public remarks to the council, a motion to adjourn was made and seconded, and the Village Council adjourned the July meeting. The Holiday City Village Council will hold their next meeting on August 21, 2014. Village Council meetings are open to the public, and public comment on issues is welcomed at each Monthly meeting.

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