Holiday City Village Council Holds June Meeting; Addresses Fiscal Issues

Holiday City Council 06-19-2014 MM 001 (WEB)HOLIDAY CITY, June 19, 2014- The Holiday City Village Council held their monthly meeting on Thursday, June 19 in the Village Office. Mayor Shawn Clark brought down the gavel and called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., and after the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, the roll call was read. Present were council members Pam Clark, Pamela day, Robert Day, Dennis Hutchison, Kristie Keil and Ron Keil Jr. Also present were Village Administrator Gary Baker, Deputy Administrator Blair Campbell and Clerk-Treasurer Lauri TenEyck-Rupp.

The initial item on the agenda was the adoption of the previous month’s meeting minutes, which was approved by unanimous consent, and the introduction of council resolutions.

Resolution R-2014-6 was brought forward by Mayor Clark and was for the incorporation of a new communication system (Everbridge Mass Notification System) being considered for use throughout Williams County. The proposed system will be cost shared by using Villages and other agencies within the county, and the cost for the Village of Holiday City will be $16.94 per year. Additional information on the system will be forthcoming and residents will receive information on using the new system. Everbridge is an emergency notification system with multiple user functions and will greatly enhance the counties communication practices during emergencies and natural disasters. The resolution to accept the system was adopted unanimously by the council on a 6-0 vote.

Resolution R-2014-7 dealt with financial issues (Then and Now 20 & 22) and addressed existing purchase orders for the Village. The council adopted the resolution unanimously. The final resolution, R-2014 8 introduced the Budget Committees report on new “Amounts and Rates” for the village’s annual tax levy. R-2014-8 was a first reading and was adopted by a unanimous 6-0 vote. Residents who are interested in reading R-2014-8 may stop in at the Village office and request a copy of the proposed Amounts and Rates.

In other reports and announcements, the council received the Clerks/Treasurer report outlining the Village’s Fiscal matters. Additionally, the council received the Village Administrator’s Report. The Village Administrator addressed the council regarding pending construction projects throughout Holiday City, to include ditch-cleaning projects scheduled for July, as well as replacement and repair of the Village Office front sidewalk. Also addressed was the four-acre plot owned by the Village and the future upkeep and fieldwork, but no additional information was addressed and the council tabled discussion of the issue until the July Meeting.

After allowing time for public remarks to the council (none), the agenda was cleared and the council moved to adjourn the monthly meeting. The Village Council will hold their next meeting on Thursday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Office.

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