Impact Radio Plans To Launch Williams County Exclusive FM Station

Finally! An FM station exclusively for Williams County Listeners.

Impact Radio is pleased to announce the launch of an all new station specifically for the residence of William’s County. WQCT AM will now be available on the FM dial at the 96.5 frequency. WQCT 1520AM first went on air in 1962, and will still be available to listeners. The 96.5 FM frequency is an FM layer that has been added over top of the AM to offer a stronger signal and greater range that only an FM frequency can provide.

WQCT, or the “Q” will bring all new content specific to Williams Co. listeners. Hosted by Bryan’s own Jim Funderburg, Jim airs five hours of community focused shows every morning with guests discussing the topics that matter most to our residents. Guests like Brad Price of the William’s County Health Department, Sheriff Steve Towns, and News Editor Lynn Groll talking sports news with WBNO’s Andy Brigle. The goal of this station will be to bring the listeners all the Classic Hits music they’ve come to love over the years as well as to highlight Northwest Ohio talent and experts, to discuss local, national and global issues and bring them down to a tangible and localized level from people our listeners know and trust.

The all new WQCT FM 96.5 can be streamed live either via their web site at or with the Tune In app at


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