Jim Head, Northwest Ohio Native, Shares His Treasure Hunting Secrets

Jim Head, a Northwest Ohio native, has always had an interest in searching for treasure. As a little boy, he discovered treasure on his property. Fast forward to several, several years later when his wife mentioned that someone she knew was selling a metal detector.

That was all she wrote.

Jim ended up purchasing a metal detector and thus began his 20+ year love of treasure hunting and prospecting. He has found old coins, old military buttons, jewelry, buckles, toys, marbles, interesting rocks and lots of pop tabs. Some of the items have been worth some money, some not so much. “Fun money” as he calls the money he has made over the years with his findings.

Jim is a published author having wrote his book “Hidden Treasures In Secret Places” (Tate Publishing) and also sold a few of his early arrow head finds to Erie Sauder. (Yes, of Sauder Museum). Which he recollects that someone once told him after asking where a few of his early findings are, “they’re in my desk drawer”.

“There is treasure everywhere, treasure can be anything”, he said during a stop on his book tour at the West Unity Library.

Jim has made local appearances at the Stryker library and most recently, the West Unity library where he held a book signing after speaking about treasure hunting and his book.

Von Ogden of Alvordton, is a young man who has started his own love affair with hunting for treasure. At the book signing, he brought his own findings to show Mr. Head. It was a small rock with crystals inside the rock. A “geode” as he called it. Von found it at Maumee Bay, one of his own treasures.

Jim brought a treasure chest full of his treasures: jewelry, buttons, rocks, rare coins for the public to look at. He even had a small display at the library to showcase as a preview of what his book was all about.

“You can search the rest of your life for treasure and have fun at it!” he states.

Jim can be contacted at treasurehunterj@gmail.com

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