Kathleen Freese Will “Raised In Montpelier, Born To Teach & Write Poetry”


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Kathleen Will was born in Montpelier, Ohio on July 19, 1942 to William and Betty “Esterline” Freese. Her family attended the local Evangelical United Brethren Church and she graduated from Montpelier High School in 1960.

Her childhood and being raised in this community had a big impact on Kathleen’s life. Especially the church she attended and the God fearing home that her parent’s raised her in.

When asked who she looked up to and who influenced her life the most, she doesn’t hesitate for a moment. “My parents and the Christian life that they led”.

Kathleen is married to her high school sweetheart, Ronald Eugene Will and they are the proud parents of two children, Alicia, who teaches in the Quincy, Michigan school system and Derrick, who manages the Aldi store in Coldwater, Michigan.

Kathleen’s professional career in education was formulated by attending Hillsdale College, obtaining a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree and then attending Michigan State University and obtaining a Masters of Arts Degree.

From there she went to Stryker, Ohio to teach kindergarten for one year and then into the Quincy, Michigan school system to teach for 34 years. Most of her career there was spent teaching 5th grade. She finished her career in education teaching at the middle school for her last three years. After which she became branch manager at the Quincy Public Library for 2 ½ years before retiring in 1997.

She says, “ In teaching, I learned that the main success of a teacher is a love for children, and if you have that everything else will fall into place. If you are considering a career in teaching, get involved with children at camps, babysitting, sports events, and visit schools as a helper before you make that final decision. That way you will know you are making the right choice.”

Kathleen says she has also learned that with God life is such a blessing. He answers prayers and has a plan for all of our lives. She states that one of her favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11 which states “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Her hobbies are writing poetry, crocheting, reading, and gardening.

Kathleen shared the following concepts on poetry:

•A poem is never finished, only abandoned
•Poems should be read out loud
•They should have surprises
•Poetry arises from experiences
•Poetry does not ascribe to any certain form or technique
•A poem pleases the reader
•Show it to make it happen so the reader can identify with it – so it resonates from within
•A poem is an event and it happens when a poet and a reader meet inside the form in such a way that the poet saw as real in the construction of his own world and as being able for that to be communicated. It then becomes the readers own!
Everyone who has an emotion and language knows something about poetry. It’s about life!
•Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme
•Poems must be understood
•And finally, rhythm is much more important than rhyme when using two or more words.

Her husband, Ronald, kept telling Kathleen that she should get all the poems that she had written over the years together and put them into a book. So she started looking for self publishing companies but most were too far away, which would make it somewhat difficult with her limited computer skills. Thus she called a publishing company in her home town and they told her to bring her poems in for them to look at for consideration of publication. Once they saw the work, they said they would be happy to work on a book with her.

The result was the publication of “All the Way Home” Poems by Kathleen Freese Will. The poems are structured into three chapters:

Inspirational Journeys
Life’s Journeys
Special Journeys

One example is as follows out of the “Life’s Journeys” chapter:

What is life but a mist?
Here now and in an instant gone.
Yet, is not lost but dispersed,
As a natural phenomenon.
What is life but a fleeting moment,
That exists and soon is lost?
Yet, is not forgotten but recorded,
As on a tapestry embossed.
What is life but an elusive dream,
When awakened from disappears.
Yet is not dismissed but remembered,
As if in a vision made clear.
Life is not quantity gathered,
By weights, measures, and time.
Life is quality amassed,
By character, intent, and love for mankind.

As one reads through this fine compilation of poems, they are truly touched by each of them.

Kathleen shares, “ The book is not being sold on the market. I want it to be used to serve the Lord. So I am taking donations of $5 or more and the monies will be used to feed the hungry, house folks without housing or a job, and provide shelter for those in foreign countries.”

This is done through her local churches mission programs which are, “Branch County Food Pantry, (which provides food locally for the needy), “Family Promise” (helping to provide shelter and jobs), and “Tyriana Missions” (for foreign aid in needy countries).

If anyone would like a copy of this fine book, just send a donation to:
Kathy Will
514 Tomkins drive
Coldwater, Michigan 49036

Remember to include your mailing address and the book will be sent to you ASAP.
Kathleen says, “Thank you and may God bless you in every way!”

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