Lady Indian Bowlers Taken Down By Liberty Center Tigers

LIBERTY CENTER 1/31/2014—The Wauseon Lady Indians bowling team was unable to take down the Liberty Center, as the Tigers would come away with the win, 1859-1789.

In the first game, the Tigers went up on the Tribe 692-643. For the Indians, Regan Ford was the top scorer with 156, Courtney Fenton followed with 137, Rylee Ford scored 125, Summer Brown’s 116 was next, and Nicky Winland finished with a 109.

The Indians would win the second game 708-702. Fenton lead the way in game number two with a 163. Brown bowled a 155, Rylee Ford had 152, Regan Ford’s 129 was next, and Winland finished with 109 in game number two. At the end of the first two regular games, Wauseon trailed 1394-1351.

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In the first baker game, the Indians were outscored 155-134.

The second baker game saw the Tribe be outscored 171-142.

The third and final baker game, the Indians would win 162-139, but it would not be enough to gain a match victory, as the Tigers would win 1859-1789.






-Mitchell Peebles


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