Lady Panthers Can’t Find Footing Against Tinora Offense


(Saturday April 25th, 2015)—STRYKER: Determined to overcome the rigorous obstacles of the 2015 season, Stryker’s varsity softball team geared up to face the visiting Tinora Rams in a double-header on Saturday morning. 
Unfortunately the day began quickly and vigorously—Tinora connected with the ball in the game’s opening, scoring 10 runs in the top of the 1st inning. Stryker’s Miranda Maynard faced a tough Tinora offense; however, she refused to back down throughout the course of the game. 

While the Lady Panthers struggled to get runners on base, Tinora kept their offense prowess going strong scoring 5 additional runs in the 2nd, 8 in the 3rd, and ending the rampage with 6 final runs in the 4th. The two teams would play one final scoreless inning before Tinora would claim victory for game one 29-0. 

The lady Panthers managed just  two hits during the game: Sierra Walters and Emily Cadwell both singled but were left on base. Defensively the Panthers accumulated a total of 11 errors in 5 innings in the loss to the Rams. 

Game two allowed Stryker an opportunity to recoup and evaluate their performance in order to get a chance at striking back against Tinora. 

With Maynard back on the mound for the Panthers, Tinora’s offense prepared themselves for an Act 2 performance. The first inning instilled hope in the Panthers: Maynard would drive in a run on an RBI single tying the game at 1 going into the 2nd. 

Despite a resurgence of hope and enthusiasm, Tinora once again drove in a staggering 7 runs in the top of the 2nd inning to lead 8-1. The Rams continued to dominate throughout the seemingly endless match until claiming victory 20-1 after 5 innings of play.

Maynard would end the day with 2 losses striking out 10 batters, walking 10, and giving up a total of 35 hits. 

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