Lasting Legacy Left In Hilltop Media Center In The Form Of A Mural

Lasting Legacy Left in Hilltop Media CenterThe mural called “Once Upon A Time” could be named, “Let Your Imagination Take Off”. “It takes some extra time to settle in for a story in the reading area now”, comments a staff member. It may be a fairy princess, Alice, Bambi or Thumper everyone has a favorite fairy tale character. The students are chatty about what they see in the beautiful mural. The mural was created by the Art 3&4 classes at Hilltop High School supervised by Ms. Desiree Arps. Students started by graphing the walls, drawing the characters, and finally adding color. The paint was a donation from Sherwin Williams Corporation and new carpet has been laid by Carpet Wholesalers of Bryan, Ohio. All participating students were asked to sign the walls. This is the first mural painted at Hilltop. The mural is a lasting legacy to the students who worked on the project. For years to come Hilltop school children will enjoy it.

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