Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,
We are living in a country where there is a lot of disagreement and very little respect. Not only do we disagree, but we aren’t even respectful of the other person’s perspective. We even go so far as accusing others of being haters if they don’t agree with you. Life today is tough. It is no wonder that drug addiction, mental health issues and broken relationships are so prevalent. People, even our children and grandchildren, deal daily with bullying, grief and abusive situations. The hurt is very real and deep. Deteriorating family structures and moral values are common. Even the respect for pastors and churches is on the decline. Taking God out of everything is a major contributing factor. So is there a solution to the country’s dilemma? It will not be found with our politicians, or our legal system, counselors, friends or even family. The answer is Jesus. He alone can show each one of us how to live a victorious life with Him. What better time than now, following Holy Week, to reflect on His life, His suffering, His death on the cross for you and for me. And let us not forget His glorious resurrection. God’s plan was fulfilled and we now have the forgiveness of our repentant sins and the gift of eternal life. John 3:17 says “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.” Each one of us needs to focus on a right relationship with our Lord and Savoir. We need to heed the truth of his words in the Bible and make Christ our priority, loving Him with all our hearts, all our soul and all our mind and strength. We must trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not lean on our own understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6 says “In all our ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct our paths.” Life is tough until we remind ourselves that we are in God’s hands at all times. With the help of God and loving people he sends our way, we can overcome. When you walk with God, the impossible becomes possible!

When dealing with others, before speaking or doing anything, ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” and then respond accordingly. Do your part to make the country we live in a better place.

Praising God for all he has done,
Ric Michael, Montpelier

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