Letter To The Editor – Wendy L. Kessler

Amidst the chaos of construction that the town of Fayette is under, redoing all the roads, and with the new Family Life Center being built, there was also a controversy building. Unfortunately, I would realize later, it was a dividing controversy. I would like to personally step forward and tell Coach Tim Nicely Thank You for your hard work and dedication! I would like to let him know that Fayette did not turn their back on him after a very good season. I would like to let him know that Fayette was not behind a petition that said “Hey—we don’t want you here”, but there were a few from Fayette that were. I don’t want this letter to get Coach Tim Nicely’s position back; he has already moved on, and I wish him the best of luck. I want the people of Fayette to realize and know that Coach Nicely is a very genuine and kind person. He was a coach that cared about the girls. Yes, he wanted a win, but what coach doesn’t. [emember_protected custom_msg=”Full content protected for online subscribers. Purchase a one week subscription from the top menu bar for just $1.99 to read all online content (full access). Longer subscription plans are also available. Subscriptions cover our costs to attend local events; bringing forth Hometown News Coverage to our communities.”] He was hired to do a job and he did that job above and beyond what was asked of him. He took a personal interest in Fayette and the girls he was coaching. I want this letter to make sure that what happened to Coach Nicely doesn’t start a new trend of how things are done in Fayette. Had I known that a few people in Fayette could have been so damaging to this community—I would have started my own campaign with a petition. Fayette is a Good town, with Good people, with Good intentions. We have a great location, great schools, great school staff and a great community. Our community, I feel is on the building to be bigger and better mode, not the tearing down and dividing mode. Please remember, people of Fayette, what happened and how this happened is not the view of all. Refusing to contribute to the schools, athletic booster events and other occasions to help the town or schools does not hurt the few that signed and voted not to extend Coach Nicely’s contract, it hurts our school as a whole, our town, and our children. This is not what we need. Do not let this divide us. Let this unite us so that when we hear of issues we can work through them. Let us work together. We need to learn from this. Do not let this pass without learning a lesson. “Those who do not learn lessons from history are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana) Let’s learn from this and not let it happen again.


Wendy L. Kessler[/emember_protected]

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