Lindsay Drewes: Local Woman With A Global Voice For The Modern Mom

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Northwest Ohio native, Lindsay Drewes, is making a name for herself in several ways. With no expectations of becoming an entrepreneur, Lindsay began her working career as a teacher. She describes herself as a, “super-intense teacher”, working through planning periods and working on Saturdays to teach 4th and 5th graders at a charter school in Toledo. It is evident that her passion for children, learning and making a difference in the lives of others are what drives her. In 2014, after six years as a teacher and a year after the birth of her son, Lindsay and her husband made a bold decision. Lindsay wanted to be home with her son and was motivated to make the change by a strong pull to be a mom who was able to be present for every moment as her child began to grow. It was at that moment that she felt that her passion needed to be redirected. She and her husband stepped out in faith, with no sure gauge of what turns their life would take or how things would work out.

During Lindsay’s pregnancy with her son, she read and she researched, just like many moms and dads do when expecting their first child. During this time she felt a draw to learn about which natural and organic products to use and became especially concerned with what she would surround her family with after her son was born.

With her focus on reclaiming the natural balance in the life of her family, she began avoiding products such as plastics. She became self-directed to find the best items available to meet the needs of her family and ultimately, of all moms and young children. This devotion to providing a safe and healthy environment for her children was the catalyst for starting her own business, Kiddo Korner.

Kiddo Korner is an online store offering high quality, eco-friendly, educational and innovative baby and toddler products. Still having the heart of an educator to her core, the products sold on the Kiddo Korner site stress the importance of early learning, exploration and fostering the joy and creativity in learning. The online store also offers a registry and gift certificates, to provide the perfect gift for any mom. I asked Lindsay what current products do moms need to know about right now and her immediate responses were the LaLaBu shirt and the Balance Bike.
The LaLaBu Soothe Shirt, boasted as the only shirt that you will want to wear after pregnancy, is a personal favorite of Lindsay’s. The LaLaBu is a beautiful tank, completely outfitted to be ready for nursing and has a built in pouch to hold your baby. With the LaLaBu, you never have to miss out on a snuggle and have the ease of being hands free to make dinner, work from home, or play with an inquisitive toddler on the move, all while having your newborn tucked right in on your chest.

Another favorite on the site is the Wishbone Design 3-in1- Balance Bike. The Balance Bike has been created with the sole purpose of growing with your child and teaching the fundamentals of balance. The Balance Bike can be used as a tricycle, walking toy and ultimately a bicycle. The Balance Bike is adjustable at both the seat and the middle piece which allows you to change the height and accommodate children within the ages of 1 to 5 years old. Lindsay’s own son has recently taken a two mile trek on this bike, which is pretty impressive work for a young child and a true testament to the bike’s ease of use.

Lindsay’s passion to become a voice for the modern Mom has led her to reach out to others through her newsletter, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and a Blog on her website. By bringing together a tribe of women who all face unique challenges, Lindsay can pull from her own experiences and research; along with the knowledge and expertise of the women who reach out to her for support.

The modern mom movement is one of coming full circle. By supporting and learning from each other, moms can create a tight bond, release guilt and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are not alone in their situations or circumstances. As a Mom also, I know she is right. I can completely relate to having feelings of inadequacy viewing other moms with their children. It’s easy to make assumptions based upon how their lives may appear from the outside, especially those who seem to have it all together. Being able to share stories of support during the tough times, laugh during the unbelievable and funny moments or exchange nods in agreement that we can relate to the stress of parenting, Lindsay’s goal of pulling women together into a tribe ultimately creates stronger women as a whole and can help each woman find her own middle ground and her own voice.

Lindsay truly believes that everyone is on this earth for a reason and that each individual is a unique person for a unique time. She strives to help women embrace who they are, urging them to check any motherly guilt at the door and reminds moms that it is our responsibility to support each other as women, no matter whether we are able to stay at home or are in the work force. Each person’s individual experience brings so much insight.

As Lindsay continues to hone in on her niche as a strong, passionate voice and resource for the modern mom, she also realizes that her voice adjusts and evolves with time and experiences, I can’t wait to see where her voice leads her. Check out, I urge you to tune in and listen, she has important things to say.

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