Lisa Smith Bids Farewell To Stryker Schools

Lisa Smith (1) WEBTitle I Reading teacher Lisa Smith will be bidding farewell to Stryker Schools at the end the of the 2013-14 school year. During her 33 years with the school system, Mrs. Smith has taught Special Education, First through Third Grade, and Title I Reading classes as well as has spent time in the Guidance Department.

Mrs. Smith taught in Edgerton Schools for two years prior to coming to Stryker but, wanting to teach in Stryker, which was close to her West Unity home, was able to arrange an exchange with another teacher who had been teaching in Stryker but wanted to teach in Edgerton instead. As Mrs. Smith’s thirty-third year with Stryker is now coming to an end and her replacement’s tenure in Edgerton has been equally as long, it is without doubt that the exchange worked well on both ends.

While it is easy to reflect on the amount of time that Mrs. Smith has spent with Stryker Schools, this does little to reflect the true caring, compassion, and concern that Mrs. Smith has felt for all of the students that she has spent time with over those years. It is the kids, their smiling faces, their love, and the excitement on students’ faces when they learn something new that Mrs. Smith says that she will the most.

However, Mrs. Smith is also looking forward to the future and having time to spend with her family. Her husband, Tom, will also be retiring from his position as a teacher at Hilltop Schools this year, and the couple look forward to taking some time to relax as well as are currently planning a trip to the Bahamas children; Adam (Ashley), Calah (Eric), and Ty and their new grandson; who was born on May 2 of this year. Mrs. Smith smiles as she also expresses that she is looking forward to “babysitting as much as possible”.

That Mrs. Smith’s dedication and love for her students will be missed by students, parents, faculty, and other teachers, goes without saying, all would also like to express their gratitude for that dedication and love and wish Mrs. Smith the best in the coming years.

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