Local Bank Presents Village Of Fayette With Money To Replace Taxes Lost In Abatement

The village of Fayette received a sizeable gift from a company it gave a tax break.

Matt Gilroy and Mickey Schwarzbek presented the council with a check for $14,123.03 at the March 8 meeting. The amount represents 100 percent of the taxes the company, Sherwood State Bank would have paid without the abatement, Fiscal Officer Karin Sauerlender said.

Fayette Schools received a similar check, she said.

Administrator Genna Biddix’s report showed:

The village will not have to conduct another income survey. Maumee Valley Planning Organization informed the council the last survey was still valid.

All requirements of the Lead and Copper Mapping Project have been complete.

Council accepted Biddix’s recommendation and supported a measure opposing the centralization of net profit tax returns. The resolution comes as the governor has proposed bringing all the returns to Columbus.

Main opposition has come from the Ohio Municipal League which fears misappropriation of local funds, mismanagement of the funds, loss of control over revenue streams and reduced revenues for local communities.

Gerken Paving submitted the low bid for the East Industrial Parkway Project. Their bid was $624,828.38 and was recommended by Arcadis to accept it. The village will send a letter to the Fulton County Commissioners alerting them of its preference.

The council approved the first reading of an ordinance repealing Section 505.01 of the codified ordinances and enacting a new Section 505.01 defining certain dogs as annoyance dogs, dangerous dogs and vicious dogs. The rule also establishes rules for dogs and detailing penalties for violations.

Council also approved the first reading of a resolution to participate in the county’s seal coat program for 2017.

The council approved the purchase of a Gravely mower for $7,950; a new backhoe for $86,809.25 with a trade in allowance of $63,000.

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