Local Electric Companies Issue Warning About Popular “Pokemon Go” Mobile Game

North Western Electric and Paulding Putnam Electric are warning the general public to never attempt to climb poles or go over a fence to enter into a substation.

The warning comes after hearing the “Pokemon Go” game has players drive to different locations to catch Pokemon. Online threads suggest there is an electric type of Pokemon being caught near substations and transformers.

“Electrical substations and transformers are extremely dangerous and should not be considered as gaming locations. We don’t want anyone to lose their life over a game,” stated North Western Electric President/CEO Darin Thorp.

If someone sees activity where a person is trying to get into a substation or climb one of our electrical poles, you are encouraged to call 911 first and then either the North Western Electric office at 1-800-647-6932 or the Paulding Putnam Electric office at 1-800-686-2357.


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