Local Youth Bring “Survival Kits” To Montpelier Police Officers

Survial KitsA thank you can bring big smiles! Today, MPD is smiling very big! We recently had a couple of visitors, Hanna Decker and Grayson Dubois. Hanna had the idea to bring up “Survial Kits for Law Enforcement Officers” to our department as a thank you for our service. And we appreciate her thoughtfulness so much! So what is in the kits? LIFESAVER: To remind you of ht emany times you’ve been one; SMARTIES: To give you wisdom for those split second decisions; HERSHEY KISSES: To show our love for you; GUM: To help everyone stick together; TOOTSIE ROLL: You have to roll with the punches; PEPPERMINT PATTY: Helping you keep your cool; MOUNDS: For the mounds of courage you show; LAFFY TAFFY: To remind you that laughter is a great stress reliever. Our hearts are filled and humbled! Thank you girls! Pictured left to right are: Chief McGee, Grayson Dubois, and Hanna Decker.


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