Locals Give Thoughts On A Year Round School Option

10172840_718334558243863_4057868919519946957_nBy: Forrest R. Church, Publisher

We looked at this issue inside last Wednesday’s edition of “The Village Reporter” as reporter T.J. Hug reviewed potential legislation by Democrat State Senator Eric Kearney who wishes to expand the school year to improve education marks for Ohio Students. Last week’s featured article also reviewed what some local administration leaders in Fulton and Williams County Schools had to say about the consideration.
Online readers submitted the following thoughts, with over 6,000 viewing these responses online. Note – some inappropriate answers will remain unpublished – published answers reprinted exactly as posted online:

Erin ‘Yazel’ Wagler
I was originally against it. But I have many friends whose kids go to school year round and they LOVE it. They said they’d never want to go back to the original way. As an adult, I find that I need a short vacation every 3-4 months to give me rest and, in turn, increase my productivity. Why wouldn’t kids be the same? A nearly 3-month summer break is long for the kids and long for the parents. It totally changes their rhythms. Then when school starts back you have to completely readjust the rhythms once again. Year-round school would allow for the kids and parents to maintain their rhythms and routines, while also allowing refreshing breaks throughout the year. I am a fan of year-round school!

Darrel Demaline
No enough is enough!

Jody Fields
NO! I really enjoy the summer break with my kids! We go on a family vacation in June and then the kids and myself go on a vacation with my sister! If they go to school yr round so much of that would change! And really don’t you think they deserve a break! When they grow up they are going to have to work everyday just like we do now! And don’t lie and think you would like it cause deep down it will be a pain! Maybe some of you don’t like your kids but I do!!

Lisa Marie Smith
When will DemocRATS stop trying to run our lives with their big government ideas?

Dana Demaline
People that are for it just don’t wanna take care of their kids or deal with babysitters…..its ridiculous and my kid won’t go to school all year around…

Kathi Dobransky Kunzin
I like the idea of year round school. 1. With society being filled with so many families with only one parent, it would be beneficial to have year round school. It would take the child care issue of summer break off the table for low income families. 2. It would bring test scores up because there isn’t a prolonged break for children in the lower grades who need the foundational math and reading concentrations. 3. High schoolers would make an easier transition to a working environment or college settings and their time management skills would be reflect this expectation. 4. Expectations of true family time breaks would have more meaning if the duration of breaks are short but often. 5. Better budgeting practices for teachers and support staff for paycheck a all year long instead of 9 months per year. 6. Districts would not have to put on operational levies as often because budgeting and state assistance would be constant flow of funding. 7. More competitive with other countries who follow a year round school calendar. 8. There would be more academic choices for those IEPs (individual education plans) for at risk or developmentally challenged could get critical help during the school year. 9 better facilities usage for districts. 10. Not so much emphasis on sports and extra curricular activities vs academic excellence. There 10 reasons.

Carol Grace
I loved having my kids home for the summer. We made so many great memories. The time we have with our children, and their childhoods go so fast. Summer was a wonderful family time to share and grow.

Darrel Demaline
It’s all about money any more not education.

Linda Kirkendall Busch
NO WAY!!! KIDS NEED TIME TO BE KIDS WITH THEIR FAMILIES!!!! Summer is usually the only time to do that and be able to do anything. I was always glad when summer came and I didn’t have to pay out so much money to the school. Summer break meant that I could get to know my boys again, and it didn’t cost so much.

Dorothy Jones
They are doing it in Auburn In. Kids get same weeks off. Just split up thru yr

Steve Demaline
That’s absolutely Stupid. Schools can’t afford to run nine months a year. What are they going to do I at ask for more money.

Amy Rodriguez-Blohm
Not for it at all.

Smith Jessica
I am for the idea of year around school. I think it gives our kids the chances to move up and advance more in the school and later in life.

Cindy Davis
Love it grand daughter loves it it seems like she get more time off that way week for all holidays and 2 months for summer the started a week before other schools and a week off for east and for spring break and still get 2 weeks at christmas i love it i get her more now and she loves it

Ted Gonzales
Not a good idea school year is long enough. If u wanna see kids dropping out of school early cause there exhausted then approve it. Then should get to enjoy summer!!

Tony Plotts

Lisa Leininger
I love the idea. Teachers seem to spend so much time in the fall refreshing the students’ memories of what they were taught last school year that it just puts them more behind. And realistically, those saying that the kids need to spend time with their families so need summers off, does that mean you take the summers off as well to spend time with them? Education in this country is so far behind other nations and it’ll only get worse.

Nancy Cavinee
No everyone needs a break, parents, teachers and students. Some schools are not air conditioned and that would be miserable for everyone who has to be there.

Andrea Bly
And this is where the parents would need to step up and protest or pull your children out of schools.

Andrea Rupp Vilaychith
But he won’t touch standardized testing. All the time spent studying and reviewing would be better spent learning new things. Why don’t we look at countries with successful education? More time does not equal better quality learning.

Deanna Atwell
If they want to improve marks how about throwing common core out the window and going back to reading writing and arithmetic. ..ya know. How old school used to kick it ! Leave it to Democrats to always be willing to fix what’s not broken.

Joseph Singleton
Schools are already having trouble getting the funding they need for the present school year, how would the extra time be paid for? Personally I believe the students and faculties need at least a month or two of respite each year.

Steven M. Franz
I think it is a great idea. My nephews love it as do their families in Indiana. I also would like to state that they need to STOP having practices for sports so late in the evening. They should be right after school period. Actually they get MORE time off than they do when they have summer breaks with year round school.

Colleen Stewart
My opinion of coarse but everything is about dollars a cents. I work in schools so I see it first hand everyday. My thought is they can’t afford great educators now what happens when they tack on more Days?

Dan Konoff
NO! I enjoy having time with my children and they need that time off to let their minds relax!

Joseph Singleton
If they have more time off going year around then what is the advantage of going year around? That sounds like old politics to me.

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