Longtime Area Charity To Shut Down Until Director Found

By: James Pruitt

SEE and DO, spawned out of relief efforts when a tornado struck Hillsdale County in 1958, is now closing its doors as it seeks a new director. No one has stepped forward to lead the Montpelier-based agency.

Montpelier residents Dot Steinke and Loretta Sleesman saw a need created by the disaster and decided to do something about it. SEE and DO was created as they began collecting donated items to help the victims of the storm.

Originally housed in Steinke’s home and later expanded to her garage and eventually moving into Montpelier. 54 years later their legacy of helping those in need remains.

The group still collects donations of clothing, food, cash and other household items from individuals, churches, businesses and civic groups to help those in need.

The group has been given a building by the village of Montpelier and continue to get the village’s support and services.

“Without this support from the community, we could not continue to do what we do,” Ric Michael said.

Over the years, the focus may have changed from helping disaster victims to serving those in need in our community but the spirit has not changed. In the last few years, the need has never been greater. In 2016, as in the past, there are still many who need a helping hand and See and Do has been there to help thanks to our volunteers and donors.

Unfortunately, we have been searching for a director for some time and so far no one has stepped forward so we find ourselves in a position that we will have to temporarily close until a director can be found. If you are interested in the director position or would like more information, please call 419-485-3431.

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