Louisiana Flood Relief Effort Bring Mounted At St. John’s Lutheran Church In Montpelier

By: Timothy Kays

The flooding of Louisiana has been epic, not just in the scope of rainfall, but in the financial and human costs. Adding insult to injury, the media, rather than underscore the tragedy and the needs it has created, has instead opted to use it to score political points. There are those however, who refuse to be distracted by the media circus, remaining focused upon those who are suffering, and wanting to reach out. Ellen Gearhart and the St. John’s Lutheran Church of Montpelier are in that group, and a relief effort is currently underway.

“It was something that I felt a need to do,” Ellen said. “Honestly, I think it was God telling me to get up. I get so sick of watching the news, with all the police shootings, the killings and the political crap. I was just sitting there going ‘arrgh’, then I thought…do something good. Get your mind focused on doing something good, because that’s what we need to do. We’re supposed to do good. Something just struck me…do something. I saw on the news that Impact With Hope of Waterville (ISOH) was loading up a truck and sending it down there. They said that their shelves were getting empty, and I saw that as another sign that this is what I’m supposed to do. My vision was that me and my husband were going to load up a semi truck, take it down there and deliver it, then I saw that thing about ISOH, and I knew that that’s where I was supposed to take it to help fill their shelves. I contacted them and asked if what we bring over will go to Louisiana, and they said that it would.”

A collection of various items will be taken up at the St. John’s parking lot on August 27. Items most needed include non-perishable food items, personal hygiene items, shovels, 55 gallon plastic bags, hand tools, gloves, supplies for clean-up, tarps, blankets, flashlights and batteries, and diapers. Monetary donations are also welcome and can be given at the collection site, or online at http://www.impactwithhope.org/. Any questions can be directed to Ellen through her Facebook page under Ellen Beck Gearhart.

Ellen and St. John’s are out to make a difference for the people of Louisiana, and they are calling on like minded citizens of Northwest Ohio to join them in the effort. Don’t miss this opportunity to make an impact upon the lives of others in the flood ravaged parishes of Louisiana.

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