Lyons Opposed To Fire District Plan

Moves by some communities to separate from their townships is not going to fly in Lyons.

The Village Council discussed the issue at its March 6 meeting along with the proposed fire district for eastern Fulton County. Neither idea sat well with the council.

Mayor Andrea Gleckler brought up the matter after talking about discussions at the county’s mayors group meeting. She saw no reason to separate from Royalton Township. The village and township are unified in culture and actions, she said.

The fire district proposal failed to impress her. Originally a feasibility study was not going to cost the village a penny, but now could cost as much as $750.

“We want no part of the fire district or to split the township,” Gleckler said.

She offered her assistance to Fayette’s mayor if needed and expressed a preference for communities north of U.S. 20 to work together.

The council supported a resolution opposing the governor’s proposal to centralize income tax collections and charging the communities a fee.

The plan would the village more than its agreement with RITA, she said.

In other news, the council talked about:

Testing for THM in the village water system. The levels are above the EPA limit.

Trihalomethanes (THMs) are chemical compounds in which three of the four hydrogen atoms of methane (CH4) are replaced by halogen atoms. Many trihalomethanes find uses in industry as solvents or refrigerants. THMs are also environmental pollutants, and many are considered carcinogenic, according to Wikipedia.

The village’s aeration tower is working well.

Council talked about the water supplied to Sunny’s Campground. The village needs to confirm capacity for busy weekends at the camp.

The lowest bid for repairs to the lift station came in at $21, 560 from PHC.

The village will seek a renewal of the park levy on the November ballot.

Wauseon’s chief of police can help the village submit a grant request for a new security camera.

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