Major Road Projects Hit Swanton


HWP4 WEBBy: Bill O’Connell

There are several road resurfacing and bridge repair projects currently underway that are impacting the Swanton area that will involve, at various times, lane restrictions, traffic rerouting and potential traffic congestion. These projects are being financed by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) which has awarded the contracts to the Shelly Corporation of Thornwood, Ohio.

The first resurfacing project, which began on July 18 at the Garden Road/Airport Highway intersection in Holland, enters the Swanton corporation limit at Valleywood Golf Club on Airport and ends at the Hallet/Airport Hwy intersection at the Fulton/Lucas County line. An estimated date of completion is sometime in October at a cost of $1.4 million.

The second resurfacing project, which has just begun, started at the Hallet/Airport Hwy intersection and will head West, ending at County Road 3. Included in this project will be the resurfacing of Main Street from Airport, North through the downtown area out to Black Canyon Drive just short of the Ohio Turnpike. A 30-day bridge closure on Main over the Ai Creek at Memorial Park to repair the bridge will also be a major part of the project. Curbs and sidewalks will be replaced and two new traffic signals will be installed. According to ODOT Spokesperson Theresa Pollick, the Main Street work will not begin until after Labor Day and will be completed, weather permitting, in January or February of 2017 at a cost of $3.1 million.

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