Matt Moats Promoted To Maintenance Coordinator Position At Fayette Village Council Meeting

Upon the recommendation of Village Administrator Steve Blue, Mr. Matt Moats was promoted to the position of Fayette Maintenance Coordinator at the September 26 regular session meeting of the Fayette Village Council. Mr. Moats will receive a pay raise commensurate with the position, bringing him from $13.45 per hour, to $14.45 per hour.

Prior to hearing the report of Mr. Blue, Council agreed to the payment of bills totaling $72,750.49, the bulk of which was a payment of approximately $49,000 to Arcadis.

Mr. Blue reported that the public notice period for the environmental notices for the Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) is underway. That period ends October 5, after which the village can apply for a release of funds, clearing the way to the bidding process. Advertisements for bids began on September 24, and will run a second time on October 1. The bids will be opened on October 23, with a final approved bid package to be forwarded to the EPA by November 8 for a December 3 loan approval.

The process of obtaining easements is going well, with about 75 percent of landowners agreeing to donate their easements.

The EPA is pushing the village to have a licensed backup available and present within one hour for water emergencies. This, according to Mr. Blue, pressures the village to have a licensed backup.

Under suspended rules of reading, Council approved Resolution 2012-15, accepting the amounts and rates established by the Fulton County Budget Commission. Council heard the first reading of Ordinance 2012-16, a Zoning Ordinance establishing fee schedules.

Council heard the readings of Resolution 2012-17 referencing the acquisition of easement properties, and Resolution 2012-18, accepting a proposal for engineering, bidding and the construction phase from Arcadis, and authorizing Mr. Blue to sign all documents pertaining to the same.

Council heard the first reading of Resolution 2012-19, pertaining to the increase of appropriations. Funds have been made available for the LTCP by the Ohio Water Development Authority, but cannot be used until the village appropriations have been raised accordingly.

In a final action, Council established October 31 as the official Trick or Treat night in the village, with the time to run from 6:00 until 7:00 pm.

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