May Of 2015 Was Not A Drought Buster…But It Came Close

IMG_0090.JPGBy: Timothy Kays

The trends of cool and dry are in the rearview mirror, at least for the time being. So said the May 2015 Climatology Summary from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in North Webster, Indiana (KIWX). As their report stated, “Nearly two inches of rain on the last two days of May helped push monthly precipitation totals to around five inches at the KFWA observation station at Fort Wayne International Airport, which moved the monthly precipitation totals from below normal category to above normal. It was also a relatively warm month with temperatures averaging nearly four degrees warmer than normal.”

The average monthly temperature was 64.3 degrees, which was 3.9 degrees above normal. This ranked as the 15th warmest May on record since 1912. There were just nine days with an average temperature below normal. The highest temperature was 86 on the seventh and eighth while the coolest was 36 on the 20th. There were 15 days with a high temperature of 80 degrees or warmer but also three days with a high temperature of 60 or less.

May precipitation was about three quarters of an inch below normal heading into the 30th, but 1.10 inches of rain fell at the Airport on this day and another 0.75 inches fell on the 31st. This pushed the monthly total precipitation to 5.01 inches, 0.74 inches above normal. This ranked as the 20th wettest May on record since 1912. Without this late month heavy rain, May of 2015 would have ranked around the 40th driest.

Closer to home, the heaviest rains fell in a swath between Stryker and Pettisville, where around two inches were measured. This rain helped knock most of the area out of the D-0 drought category that we had been in for a while. Currently 7.82 percent of Ohio remains in a D-0 drought, which includes almost the entire northwest sector of Williams County. Indiana has 22.14 percent in the D-0 category, which includes most of DeKalb County, and all of Steuben County.

There was an unintentional pleasantry included in the KIWX report, and it was all wrapped up in a single sentence that read, “There was no snowfall recorded during the month.” While they were being serious with the statement, most of the rest of the people in our area can smile and yell, “It’s about time!”

The Climate Prediction Center has our area booked for normal temperatures and precipitation for the month of June. I can deal with that…bring on the normal!

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