Metamora Alters Plan For CDBG Grant Application

The village’s plans for work on Fulton Street were altered to make it more competitive for a CDBG application.

The Metamora Village Council discussed the issue April 3.
Questions had arisen about why the village decided to add and pay for storm drains to be installed.

The original estimate was about $117,000, but that was before the village decided against including the curbs. That reduced the cost to $110,000. The changes added up to $24,900 project contribution for the village.
The village had agreed it would pay for engineering costs only. Engineering fees were reduced to $12,700 after removing curb work. With the addition of piping and one catch basin the village contribution increased to $21,010.

The Land &Building committee discussed adding the catch basin with Poggemeyer and Lee Rausch and agreed it would be beneficial to include in the project. Increasing the village commitment/share of the project will make the application more competitive.

The application also reports Chip Vance will be working on the project, but will not be paid out of the grant funds. The rate of pay was then discussed. If wages are being paid for by the village, the pay is at his regular hourly rate.

It was decided the application can be submitted as is. Justin Kreischer motioned to approve submitting the Community Development Block Grant application for Fulton Street, with the village contribution of $21,010.

Fulton County Engineer Frank Onweller said Fulton Street would be eligible for Auto Permissive Funds held by the county. There is $14,360 available if needed.
Mayor Wysong opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Guest Jon Vance would like to be considered when the village hires someone to work in the park. Personnel & Finance will discuss and schedule an interview.

Council members present: Karon Lane-pres., John Pupos, Suzie Stough, John Hudik, Richard Sauerlender and Justin Kreischer. Other officials present: Mayor Wysong, Village Solicitor Alan Lehenbauer and Fiscal Officer Sue Clendenin.

Solicitor Alan Lehenbauer was asked to review the franchise agreement between Metamora and Ohio Gas. The agreement has nothing to do with rates but describes how Ohio Gas will operate and maintain its pipelines in the village right of ways. Lehenbauer will respond back by the next Council meeting May 1.
In order to satisfy a requirement of the state, Fulton County Commissioners asked the council to enter into a new contract to provide Indigent Defense Services.
Council passed an ordinance to amend the agreement in December but it received a letter the state does not want amended addendums to the agreement, rather the state would prefer a new contract.

Personnel & Finance Chairman Justin Kreischer reported:

It was decided to have Tom Bivens come back to work and see if he can still perform the needed duties.

A Food Service License is needed for the park concession stand and for Park-O-Rama. The license for the entire year would be around $400. The committee is recommending the village pay for the one-day license for Park-O-Rama, which was $40 last year. We will let the EYA know they need to get a Food Service License from the Health Department to operate the concession stand.
Fiscal Officer Sue Clendenin requested a $5,000 increase in the Sewer Fund to cover costs primarily associated with sewer work intended for Oak Street (previously incorrectly stated as needed for Ash Street).
Chip Vance thinks there is some separation that wasn’t done and there is some very old clay piping allowing infiltration. A manhole is also needed. There was discussion if the village should contract out the work as it would require two people to do the job. The village only has one man at this time.

The job does not need to be completed right away and could wait until the village hires another employee. Tom Bivens will not be able to jump in and out of holes or do any heavy physical labor due to health restrictions.
Kreischer said to get a list from Chip Vance of two-man jobs needing to be done and get those done in a timely manner with the new seasonal employee. The employee shouldn’t be needed for the whole summer.
Chip Vance will provide a detailed description of the project and a list of parts needed to complete the needed sewer work on Oak Street, so a request for bids can be sent out.
Council members are getting calls asking when the sticks will be picked up.

If the village contracts out some of the projects needed it may cost more, but the project would be completed.

Sierah Joughin’s Memorial fund donated $183 to the village, in memory of Sierah. Ken Wysong suggested the village plant a couple of trees with a plaque saying the trees were donated by the Sierah Joughin’s Memorial fund. Kreischer suggested the village purchase a plaque for the Park Memorial Wall. Wysong said the Park-O-Rama fund would purchase the Memorial Wall plaque. Kreischer also suggested a park bench with a plaque along the walking path. The village will check with the family to see what they would like to be done with the donation.

Fiscal Officer Sue Clendenin called the insurance company as suggested by Lehenbauer in regard to pool damage at 230 Shawnee Drive. The damage was made during a sewer repair project performed by the village.
The insurance rep said the village’s general liability coverage should cover the cost of the pool situation with no deductible. The village needs the details for the claim: when, how, etc.

Wysong has spoken to the property owner, Darin Hayes. Hayes wants the pool repaired and put back up. Rich Sauerlender motioned the village pay the expenses; new liner, re-install and water, and then submit a claim to the insurance company.

TMACOG will be coming to the village office at 9 a.m. Monday, June 5, Wysong said. They will inform us on what they are doing and what they have to offer to the village.

The Sheriff’s Report for February was read. Deputies spent a total of 50 hours patrolling the village during the month. Officer’s spent 16.5 hours in the morning, 17 hours in the afternoon and 16.5 on the midnight shift. During the month the officers handled nine complaints and one accident.
Wysong has spoken to the Sheriff’s Department about the complaints he has received of drivers not stopping at the stop sign in front of T-Mart. The next day there was a patrol car observing the traffic.

John Hudik has received complaints about 4-wheelers in town and in the park. Wysong recommended the sheriff’s department is informed of 4-wheeler complaints.

Council approved asking Chip Vance to not take any vacation the week before Park-O-Rama.

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