Metamora Hears About CDBG Funding; Joins Feasibility Study For Fire/Ema District For Eastern Fulton County

Dennis Miller of Maumee Valley Planning was invited to discuss grant funding opportunities for village projects. Maumee Valley Planning administers Fulton County’s block grant program.

Funds were held from the past two previous years due to state implementation of a 2-year funding cycle. CDBG applications are due April 5 and will be sent to the state for approval June 16. Funds will be awarded and released in the spring of 2018.

MVPO is willing to help the village complete the CDBG application. Nearly $300,000 will be available to Fulton County in CDBG funding. A maximum of four projects will be selected.

Project areas must be surveyed and found to be 51 percent low to moderate income to be eligible. Funding is available to improve blight areas that don’t require income surveys.

Metamora is signing on to a feasibility study for a possible joint Fire/EMS district within eastern Fulton County.

The council approved Ordinance 952 at its March 13 meeting.

Gary Loar provided additional information associated with the effort. Several other entities have already expressed interest in moving forward with the study.

The state will perform the feasibility study at no cost.

Council member Karon Lane moved to suspend the rules on the ordinance. The goal is to provide the most effective and cost efficient fire protection and emergency medical service.

Amboy Township will be repainting road lines on their share of CR U and 2 this year, asked if the village would like lines repainted on village portions of CR U and 2. For several years the village has joined the township to reline shared roads. Council approved.

The council set the rates for rental of the ball fields at $50 per field per night. A local group, Evergreen Youth Association, wants to use the fields for baseball games this summer.

The fee does not include the field lights. The turn-on cost will be $15; main cost is using the ball light meter. Council member John Hudik said the ball lights will need a lot of expensive maintenance before they can be used.

Council will have a meeting in early March with the EYA to work out an exchange for the park field use. It was also suggested that we have the ball fields light turned on for the $15 fee to get an idea of the condition of the lights. The lights were used in 2014 for a day or two at a cost of $160 plus the $15 turn on fee.

In other news,
The recycle sign on Mill has old hours of operation indicating Saturday only. A request was made to update it or cross off the hours of operation as it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gleaners donated $300 to the village egg hunt.

Council was asked if it was ready to buy holiday decorations. The village has $4,000 budgeted. The Personnel and Finance Committee will review the options at the next meeting.

Mayor Ken Wyson suggested the village remove the “Unlimited” from the Curbside Pick-up in the Spring Newsletter. The village could set a maximum for the number of bags and/or set a weight limit, he said.

The village provides the service and officials do not wish to exclude any resident but the mayor wants limitations set.

One such limitation is making sure the resident should be in good standing with their trash pick-up provider. The matter should be discussed at the Land and Building and Personnel and Finance Committee meetings and brought to council.

The bronze plaques for the Memorial Wall will remain at $150 each.

Income surveys were mailed out to Fulton Street residents Feb. 7. If 51 percent of residents are found to be low- to moderate-income, the village would be eligible to apply for CDBG funding to repave Fulton Street.

Ten surveys were sent out, one home is vacant, and so far three residents have responded. One was not LMI and two were LMI. All were given until Feb. 15 to respond. If they have not responded by then a second request will be sent out. If there is still no response, staff will go door to door.

RITA will provide free taxpayer assistance for those filing municipal income tax returns from noon to 7 p.m. March 23 at the Lodge at Strawberry Acres, 950 S. McCord Road, Holland.

Sue Clendenin, John Pupos and Rich Sauerlender will attend the Sunshine Law Certification seminar April 7. Sue has been designated by Ken Wysong, Karon Lane and Justin Kreischer. TMACOG is sponsoring the seminar.

Wysong said the park planning meeting didn’t make much progress at the Feb. 8 meeting.

There will be beans planted on the new 5 acres this spring and harvested in the fall. Grass will then be planted in the fall.

The committee discussed parking plans, particularly for Park-O-Rama, but nothing was finalized. The committee needs to determine the long-term plan. Sauerlender suggested bringing a couple different options to council and let council decide. A couple of different paring ideas were presented. The next Park Planning meeting has not yet been scheduled.

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