Metamora Hires New Village Inspector; Considers Walk-Through For Park Gate

The village of Metamora will look at ways to make it easier for pedestrians to access the paved road at the park.

Resident Donna Tills questioned the locking of the park gate behind the north ball field bleachers. With the gate opened, it provides safe passage for her and others to walk through the park, because it is paved and much safer than walking through the stoned parking lot.

She said she recently noticed someone with a stroller unable to get over the concrete lip located in front of the bleachers and had to back up and push the stroller through the stoned parking lot; which was not an easy task.

Council told Tills the gate is locked to prohibit cars from entering in that area and driving on the grass and suggested she walk through the stoned parking lot instead. Tills said the stoned parking lot is not that easy to maneuver through and the entrance off the lot is very low and frequently muddy.

Council member Richard Sauerlender asked if something happened recently to precipitate locking the gate. Council member John Hudik said last week he informed the mayor he observed on two occasions cars opening the gate and driving through the park where they shouldn’t be driving.

Fiscal Officer Sue Clendenin asked if the village could put a walk-through in the gate. Council member Justin Kreischer suggested modifying the gate to allow individuals to pass throug. In addition he would like Chip to put gravel in the area of the gate entrance off the stoned Garnsey parking lot.

John Pupos offered to meet Tills in the morning in the park to discuss user-friendly options. Lands & Building will review options.

The council has scheduled an informational meeting for village residents to share any concerns or questions they may have in regards to the 0.5-mill park levy on the Nov. 8 ballot.

The park levy informational meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday, October 17 the public is invited and encourage to attend.

Gary Loar said he was asked why the village hasn’t pursued acquiring Park-O-Rama funds. Hudik said Park-O-Rama has concerns with back taxes if tax-exempt status cannot be reinstated. Loar said the fire station had a similar situation when they forgot to refile the exemption status paperwork and consequently lost its exemption. They hired a tax attorney to refile tax exemption status. It was at a cost of $4,000 but tax exempt status was reinstated and noncompliance years were also approved.

Sauerlender motioned to allow the village solicitor to contact Cathy Mossing and offer assistance with remedying the out dated non-profit status.

The council reviewed a $2,362.35 road work quote submitted by Premier Patching for spray patching and crack repair on Garnsey Avenue, Cornflower, Wildflower and Buckeye drives and CR 2/Parker Road.

Council rejected a proposal to purchase a backpack blower at an approximate cost of $500 to help in cleaning off streets before patching. Employees will use leaf blowers instead. Sauerlender said his committee had discussed adding the backpack to next year’s budget requests. Mayor Wysong to schedule road work after Oct. 10.

The Personnel and Finance members interviewed Robert Whalen and recommended him as village zoning inspector. Whalen will work as an independent contractor at $15 an hour,four hours a week.

The scope of Whalen’s job will be to perform village zoning, nuisance and maintenance code regulations.

SP&F recommend council approve revisions/updates they made to the “Zoning Enforcement” job description. Whalen will hold regular office hours on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to noon.

In other news:
The recent Solar Bee maintenance report indicated no problems with units.

The village office will be closed Thursday, October 13 to allow clerks to attend a mandatory state auditor training session in Perrysburg.
Several council members had a change of heart and want holiday light put up this year.

Swanton was in town today sweeping streets to prepare for road work. Clendenin was notified by Swanton street sweeping has increased to $125 an hour, including travel time.

Council provided EPA notice of NEXUS Clean Water Application for EPA review. Written comments will be accepted until Oct. 26. Trick-or-Treating will be held in the village 5:30-7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31.

The Fulton County EMA dinner will be 5 p.m. Nov. 10 at Northwest Community College. Wysong will attend.

In light of some of the issues Metamora had with curbside pickup this year, the mayor would like the semi-annual curb-side trash pick-up reviewed and further defined for next year. Many villages do not provide curbside pickup but rather just provide a drop-off site.

NEWS will pay to replace two sections of sidewalks on north side of East Main Street due to water valve related issues. The village will pay for sidewalk replacement at 338 East Main St. John Pupos suggested NEWS check on other taps in town.

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