Metamora Holds The Line On Refuse, Sewer Rates For 2017

The Metamora Village Council approved the 2017 rates for refuse pickup with Advanced Sanitation Dec. 65.

Solicitor Alan Lehenbauer looked to see if there is anything specific on requirements for putting this out to bid.

Advanced Sanitation is not the only trash pick-up in town, Mayor Ken Wysong said. Residents can choose another vendor, he said.

The village does not require residents use Advanced Sanitation. The agreement with Advanced Sanitation allows the village to offer residents the service at a low rate. There will be no increase in 2017.

Pool Damage Update
The village is trying to get in contact with the owner of the property at 230 Shawnee following damage done to a swimming pool there during work being done on a sewer line.

Solicitor Lehenbauer checked the county records and did not find a land contract recorded.

Darin Hayes is still the listed owner and the tax bill is sent to 230 Shawnee.

There could be a lease purchase agreement or land contract not recorded with the county.

The village needs to contact the owner and inform them of the status with the pool, Mayor Wysong said. The pool has been taken down at a cost to the village of $250 in order to repair the sewer line.

“We need to talk to the owner about where to put the pool back up,” Wysong said.

The council does not want the pool put back in the same spot over the sewer line. If the landowner demands it be returned to that spot, they would be responsible for any sewer repairs for that part of the line.

Council discussed requiring the pool be put back up in a location not over the sewer lines. A new liner and putting the pool back up is estimated to cost $1,200.

Lehenbauer will check further into the ownership.

Wysong will have the zoning inspector look into the codes for pools.

Council approved the 2017 Meeting Dates. Council member Justin Kreischer will be out of town Jan. 9 to Feb. 10 The first meeting needs to be Jan. 3. Dates were discussed and finalized.

Council also reviewed feedback from the Holiday Parade. Council expressed thanks to all of the volunteers for their help and to the parade participants. Extra thanks was given to the Evergreen Band.

There seemed to be consensus the village should keep the same parade route.

Next year the village would like to have the state highway patrol help out. There was a confrontation with a volunteer and a driver who wanted to drive through.

It ended without incident, but the council doesn’t want to expose a volunteer to any potential danger.

Pictures of the parade and event may be available from Gary Loar.

The Gleaners donated $200 for parade expenses.

Council passed the third reading of Ordinance 941, entering into contract with the Fulton County Commissioners for 2017 Dog Warden Services.

Council passed the first reading of Ordinance 942, entering into contract with the Fulton County Commissioners for 2017 Indigent Defense Services.

Council established a B5 Park Fund. With the passing of the park levy, a park fund is required. The village needs to send the ordinance to the State Auditor for permission to set up the fund.

Voters approved the park levy 161-121.

2017 Sewer Rates – In 2015, council voted to raise rates 5 percent for 2016 with no increase in 2017.

Council approved employee gift cards: a $50 gift card for the four village employees and $200 for Tom Carr. Larry Dunbar and Siefker Photography will each receive a $25 gift card in appreciation for their contributions to the Holiday Party.

The Budget Requests (Wish List) from Land and Buildings was reviewed by Personnel & Finance in the last meeting. The document has been updated with Personnel & Finance recommendations. A copy was distributed to all council members for their review. It will be discussed at the next council meeting. Among the concerns are a question on the Park-O-Rama supplies and whether to allocate funds for beer and how much?

Wysong will supply the figures to the office before the next meeting. While it can be decided later if there will be beer or not, the village needs to allocate funds in case it decides to have beer.

A bond counsel member may be at the next council meeting to complete the documents for the refinancing of $507,000.

There needs to be at least five council members at the Dec. 27 meeting for approval of 2017 temporary appropriations.

Land & Buildings will meet Dec. 19.

Mayor’s report

Mayor Wysong is asking council to review leaf pick-up next year. The cost to the village to pick up leaves is $600 a week for four weeks, he said.

Archbold has no leaf pick up; residents are responsible for the leaves.

“Maybe next year we should do two weeks instead of four weeks,” Wysong said.

Wysong asked if the council would recommend getting the Planning Commission together to work on the park plans. The commission is composed of the mayor, a council member and several residents. Need to put the commission together and move forward from there.

The Ohio Municipal League is offering one-year licenses to a GrantFinder program at a cost of $50. The license is normally $995. GrantFinder is a real-time, online searchable database of almost every federal, state, foundation and corporate grant available to a community.

Solicitor Lehenbauer checked into the CCW laws and concealed weapons are prohibited in the municipal building. A sign needs to be posted.

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