Metamora Opts Out Of Fire District Feasibility Study

Metamora will not contribute to a feasibility study sought by The Joint Fire District Steering Committee.

The village asked by the committee what’s its intentions were. The village share would be $600. Council was not willing to contribute.  Amboy Township also declined.

The council discussed the study at its April 17 meeting.

John Pupos of Lands & Buildings reported the Park Committee meeting has yet to be scheduled.  Rich Sauerlender is waiting to schedule a meeting until after he picks up park maps from Fulton County and distributes to interested persons for ideas/suggestions.

The L & B Committee is very pleased with design of curbside postcards, suggested the village continue to have them professionally done as long as it is cost effective.  Post cards will be mailed out this week.

Representatives from Fayette looked at the generator at the water plant. Chip Vance showed Fayette officials other items available at the water plant they may be interested in purchasing. Fayette will make offers if interested.

Solar Bee in the middle cell at the sewer lagoon has been repaired.

Vance was unable to do specs for the Oak Street sewer project until it is dug open to see what’s wrong and doesn’t have time to do an itemized list for everything.  If he doesn’t have time to itemize the cost for the project, he said he will find time to do the job.

It had been suggested the village get specs drawn up for outside bids.  Vance’s original $3,200 cost estimate was only for pipe, manhole and supplies, not for any unexpected tie-ins or problems.

Karon Lane suggested asking a company to come in to assess the problem and submit a bid to make repairs, along with additional costs for tie-ins if needed. Sauerlender suggested asking APC to evaluate and provide an approximate cost to complete the project.

Sauerlender and Pupos will pursue. Mitch Mika was also mentioned to contact for a quote.

Council discussed issues from residents flushing incorrect items into the sewer system. The unwanted items are causing blockages in the lines and triggering back-ups in the system which may lead to damage in or to a resident’s property.

The committee recommended a council draft and passes an ordinance authorizing a fine for those flushing unacceptable items into the village sewer system.  Residents have been mailed a list of acceptable and nonacceptable flush list items with the fall newsletter.

It was recommended another notice should be sent, (to residents and landlords) and includes notice of a fine of $50 per hour to repair clogged sewer lines with unacceptable items, after the first offense.

The zoning office is incomplete. It needs another coat of mud to give texture to the walls to help cover some imperfections. Vance has been picking up sticks and hasn’t had time to finish the office.

The walls in the office look ready to be painted, Sauerlender said.

The council approved a 5-year franchise agreement with Ohio Gas.


Fiscal Officer’s Report –

  • The council approved a one-day solicitation permit for five people employed by Ever Dry.

Permits are $25.  The employees will canvass the village at the same time, coming in one vehicle.

  • Aflac will give a detailed presentation to any interested employees at 2:30 p.m. Monday, May 8.
  • LED bulbs for street lights will cost $344 per pole, with a minimum of 12 light poles. Find out cost savings on LED street lights.
  • Kate Fischer with Metamora State Bank said if the bank were to take on revenue bonds for the village to refinance a USDA loan, the village would be looking at paying higher than 4.5 percent APR . This is more than the village is paying now on the existing loan.
  • Council would like to send a “Welcome to the Village” greeting to Pride Gage Association, a new business operating at the former day-care on Mill Street. Sue will order flowers from Victoria’s.
  • Council should start considering residents to be honored this year by having their name placed on the Recognition Wall in the park. It takes six weeks to have nameplates made. Residents chosen for the wall will be recognized during a Memorial dedication following the Park-O-Rama parade Saturday, Aug. 12. Memorial nameplates are also available for purchase at a cost of $150 each.

Mayor’s Report –

  • Mayor Wysong suggested the village purchase a park bench with nameplate in memory of Sierra Joughin. The purchase will use funds donated to the village in her memory along with village funds.
  • Someone inquired about purchasing the reservoir property. Lane said it would be helpful to talk with a realtor first to get an appraisal; no one knows what the property is worth.  The village will entertain offers, Sauerlender said.

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