Michigan Man Charged With Kidnapping Edgerton Woman

imagesBy: James Pruitt

A grand jury will be convened this week to hear evidence against a Michigan man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.

Randon Goebel, 20, Osseo, Mich., is accused of breaking into an Edgerton residence May 9 and forcibly removing his ex-girlfriend and taking her to Michigan. Authorities there later arrested Goebel and the woman was rescued.

Edgerton Police Chief Jeremy Jones said woman had secured a personal protection order against the man, but it had not been served.

Goebel came to Edgerton early May 9 and knocked in the door to the woman’s house and after arguing with her took her to a car he parked up the road a bit. A witness from inside the home, the victim’s younger brother, called 911 with a description of the car.

“He did a wonderful job,” Jones said of the witness.

Police pinged the suspect’s cell phone and located him at his house. Hillsdale County authorities were called and a Michigan State trooper was sent to arrest Goebel. The suspect resisted arrest.

Goebel appeared May 11 in Hillsdale County District Court for an extradition hearing, but the hearing was postponed since he did not have legal representation.

Goebel faces first degree felony kidnapping and second degree felony burglary charges in Ohio with resisting arrest and violating parole in Michigan.

The victim said she did not resist or try to escape for fear of her unborn child’s life.

“She said she was truly terrified,” Jones said. “She went along to be safe.”

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