Missionaries Visit Stryker Rotary Meeting

Jose and Mary Alvarez were guests of Betty Beck for the regular meeting of the Stryker Rotary. Jose shared some of their experiences during the last mission trip made to Mexico. They attempted to drive a donated school bus from Kentucky to Mexico but got as far as Laredo and found they could take the bus no further without the proper permits. The group improvised by finding a truck and trailer to haul the contents of the bus to Mexico. They encountered a problem in the first ten miles of road once they crossed the border with a car trying to run them off the road and stop them. They were able to stay ahead of the car but not without some very tense moments. Once the group got close to a protected highway the car pursuing them stopped and left them proceed and they encountered no more problems. Their trip was very successful in that they were able to help feed 250 families with their efforts made possible by the donors who support them in their efforts. Jose and Mary feel they are doing God’s work, and he is also providing a helping hand in the process. Each trip they are able to accomplish more and they are already planning another trip in January of next year. They are fund raising for this next trip when they plan to be in Mexico from January through April. Betty Beck on the left is pictured with Mary and Jose Alvarez.

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